Video Review: The Veronicas “Take Me On The Floor”

In a royal blue lit club, people dance. Lisa clutches an tangerine lit bar.

Lit in red, two young women dance in silhouette.

Jessica walks towards the dance floor.

Lisa and Jessica stand against a cobalt painted wall of speakers.

A young man spots Jessica in the crowd and walks towards her.

Jessica stands against a sign with Chinese scrawled on it.

A young woman checks out the young man while he waits for Jessica. By the scarlet red lit brick, Jessica kisses the young man. Two women kiss by the brick wall. Jessica and the young man dance.

Rating: 2/5

Jessica and Lisa do shots at the bar. Lisa points out a young man to her sister. Jessica comments that he’s okay but she needs a bit more. Lisa says she spots a cute young woman. Jessica hollers and claps, saying she didn’t know her sister had it in her. She tells Lisa to make her move.

She watches Lisa approach the woman and chat. A young man stands next to her and tells her she’s pretty. Jessica flips her hair and grins at him. The young man buys her a drink and asks her what she does. She says gestures with her hand, answering “this.” She adds that she really doesn’t want to know what he does for a living. They can skip the polite conversation. He asks if she wants to dance.

While they dance, she rubs against him and whispers to him if he wants to get out of there. He says yes. She texts her sister and leaves with him in a cab.

Lisa kisses the young woman. The young woman brushes a strand of hair away from her face. Lisa says she can’t do it and walks away. She orders several more drinks at the bar. The bartender tells her he’s cutting her off. She stands in the corner and stares at the people continuing to dance. She stumbles out of the door and texts her ex-boyfriend to pick her up.

Director: N/A Year: 2008

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