Video Review: Billie Eilish “Bad Guy”

Behind a mustard paper wall, Billie Eilish comments “my Invisalign has finally… I have taken out my Invisalign.” She tears through the wall with her foot and stumbles. She hands her braces to the guard.

In a teal painted room, blood runs from her nose.

She dances by the guard.

Inspired by Pierpaolo Ferrari and Maurizio Cattelan’s photograph, “Busted Knees,” her red knees jerk. A drop of blood lands on her white shoes. She smudges the blood across her face.

Inspired by Ferrari and Cattelan photograph, “Heavyweights,” she sits on the steps of a building while middle-aged portly men stand in the parking lot.

She rides a go-kart in the street while the men behind her

She walks on her hands around a plum and yellow striped floor.

She rides her go-kart to the curb of an office building.

Inspired by the Ferrari and Cattelan photograph, “Pigeons,” she feeds pigeons over a man’s body.

Inspired by the  Ferrari and Cattelan photograph, “Milk and Cereal,” she pours milk into a man’s mouth.

Inspired by the Ferrari and Cattelan photograph, “Heads Submerged,” she wears goggles and pokes a hole into one of the plastic bags, draining one of men.

She climbs back through the mustard paper wall.

Lit in scarlet red, she sits on a man’s back while he does push-ups in his family room.

Rating: 3/5

Billie Eilish talks to twentysomething guy in a business suit in the elevator. He comments to her that he misses summer vacations. Eilish touches his arm and says those times don’t have to end. He asks her if she needs a ride to school. She smirks and says she’ll like a ride. In the car, she kisses him. He pulls away and says she’s only about seventeen. She rolls her eyes and says six more months isn’t going to matter. They make out in his car.

She texts a middle-aged men she met through an online dating site. She picks out quotes from his favorite movies and tells him she has watched it a lot of times. She talks about being bored at her job and how much she wants kids. In a text, he asks to meet her. She gives her details. At the restaurant, she giggles as he waits and drinks his coffee. She watches as his face falls and he leaves with tears in his eyes.

A baseball athlete from her school says he wishes he could be as free as her. He says he cares too much about what people think. He puts her arm around her and says he’s in love with her. They sleep together. He kisses her in bed and asks if she’s okay. She says she’s okay but she’s hungry. He puts on his pants and tells her she’ll get them some food downstairs. While he’s downstairs, she chats with best friend’s boyfriend and says she’s always available.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2019

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