Video Review: En Vogue “Too Gone, Too Long”

Terry touches her arm as she stands in the hallway of an office building.

On an aqua painted parking lot, Cindy, Terry and Maxine sing.

The women and men in the office building freeze. A young man kicks up his feet on his desk while he drinks coffee in his cubicle. Terry sees her ex-boyfriend as he exits the elevator. She talks right in his face.

Cindy gets out of her car. A young woman applies lipstick in the side view mirror. She walks in the center lane and takes off her jacket. She talks to her ex-boyfriend as he stands in the road.

Maxine presses her hands against the glass window of a restaurant. At a table, her ex-boyfriend watches her. She leans over as he continues to sit in the chair.

As they sing in the parking lot, the windows of the office building shatter. They freeze and pieces of glass swarm past their ex-boyfriends inside the office building and road. The people start moving again.

Rating: 3/5

Terry races to catch the elevator. She sighs as it closes and waits for the next one. Returning to her break was complicated. She had to avoid her ex-boyfriend who worked on another floor. She had changed her time months ago. However, it seemed as though they were still running into each other. She heads to back to the office and bumps into her ex-boyfriend as he leaves the elevator. He apologizes and asks if she can talk. She answers “no,” saying she’s late from her break and has to go. Even though she changed departments, he still found ways to talk to her.

Back in her cubicle, her ex-boyfriend knocks on the side wall and asks her a question. She turns her head and says her replacement is available to him now. He says her replacement doesn’t know and she’s the expert. She says it didn’t help her a few months ago when he threw her under the bus. He shakes his head and tells her he’ll ask someone else. “Yes, please do,” she responds.

Cindy sees her ex-boyfriend a few cars ahead of her as they drive into work. As she listens to the morning show, she mutters all the words she wants to say to him. She sees him turn into the parking lot. In the lot, she finds a space near him. She shuts her door and walks straight ahead. Her ex-boyfriend gets out and asks if he can walk with her. She says she’s going to be late. He asks for one minute. She tells him he wouldn’t even give her a chance. People stare at them as they pass by. He nods and says they can talk later.

On lunch, Maxine sees her ex-boyfriend eating at the restaurant. He waves her over and she continues to walk. He gets up from his chair and asks her to please stay. She says she’s going to get something from the cafeteria. He points to his table and says he just needs to grab his suitcase. She tells him it’s okay. He says it’s not and that they haven’t settled things between them. Maxine says there is nothing to talk about and walks away.

Director: Francis Lawrence Year: 1997

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