Video Review: Lewis Capaldi “Someone You Loved”

A sixtysomthing man (Peter Capaldi) listens to music as he waits for the train. He drives back home at night. In the afternoon, he takes his shirts off the clothesline. he takes a walk in the forest. As he walks in the door, he sees a letter on the floor. He reads the letter at the kitchen table and smiles.

He holds flowers and gives the thirtysomething woman, lying on a hospital bed, a kiss on her forehead. They talk.

An eight-year-old girl runs past him in the neighborhood.

The thirtysomething woman grins as she watches her daughter draw. She and her husband smile at one another.

The thirtysomething woman shows the sixtysomething man her scar from heart transplant surgery. She takes his hand and places it on her scar. Back at the hospital bed, she laughs as he listens to her heart through the stethoscope. In the family room, her daughter hands him her drawing. He smiles as he sees his wife, in the shape of a heart, holding hands with her and her the young woman.

He watches the train leave.

Rating: 5/5

The thirtysomething woman wanted to meet him. While on his walk, he debated whether or not to go see her. It didn’t know how it would affect him. He had only started going out to dinner by himself a few days ago. For a month, he lived on what was on leftover in the house. Some nights he had a can of beans of dinner. His late wife had his companion for over 30 years. She accompanied him to the grocery store and to card games at the recreation center. She decorated their home for the holidays and collected vinyl. He hadn’t been able to listen on album from her collection. She was no longer here to enjoy them. He calls the thirtysomething woman up and asks what day works best for her.

His late wife would’ve fallen in love with the thirtysomething woman. On her hospital bed, the thirtysomething woman explains she had accepted she was going to die. Her body couldn’t wait much longer for a transplant. Her doctor had called her in the middle of the night and told her to come to the hospital. There was a heart available to her. She thanks him and asks him to share stories about her. He says she’s the closest to any family he has now. She tells him his welcome to their home at anytime.

Over tea, he talks with her husband while she sleeps. Her husband tells her she’s expected to recover soon. The transplant was a success. Her husband rubs his hands over his face, saying he couldn’t lose her yet. Her daughter asks him if he wants to play. He says he’ll be the pirate today. She giggles and says he’s always the pirate.

He hangs the drawing her daughter gave him on his refrigerator. They were a lovely family. He saw his late wife in the thirtysomething woman’s kindness. She called him once a week. Every month, they met up for dinner. He had attended their daughter’s dance recital in the spring. In her death, his late wife had given him a daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law. It was something they never could have had.

Director: Phil Beastall Year: 2019

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