Video Review: Ralph Tresvant “Sensitivity”

Ralph Tresvant dances near by a medallion curtain hanging over the awning. He continues to dance near a door as another medallion curtain waves in the air.

A young woman, in a red dress, touches her chest, as water falls by her. She touches the wall of the mansion as she walks away.

While Tresvant continues to dance on the patio, it rotates to black-and-white. The house has at least two floors.

The young woman raises her arms over her head as she leans against the white-painted wall. She lowers her arms and leaves. Several candles burn in the pool.

He swims in the pool. The furniture in one of the rooms is covered by white sheets. He moves one of the wooden pieces and places it on the patio. With splashes of neon green, he continues to dance. A crystallized silhouette version of himself moves back and forth.

Wearing a white outfit, she walks by the door as he moves his sheet.  She swims in the pool. In a blue dress, she stares at the pavement. She stands by the stairs outside, waving her arms.

He sits in the chair in one of the family rooms inside the mansion. Lit in electric blue, he moves his arms as he dances shirtless. He stares at his home while he stands on the other side of the pool.

In black-and-white, he cuddles with the young woman on the couch. She puts her hands on her face. Wearing sunglasses, he turns his head to the right.

He stands by the outside stairs, staring at the wall.

In the evening, his best friend, Bobby Brown, comes over and dances with him. It rotates to black-and-white. Wearing a blue suit, he rubs his hands together as he sits on the steps. He pats Brown’s butt and Brown puts his arm around him.

Rating: 2/5

Most of the mansion is finished. Some of the pieces haven’t been delivered yet. Ralph Tresvant calls the painters and tells them he has another room. He schedules several days with them. His girlfriend  flips through a book of fabrics. She asks his opinion about the maroon. He says it would great in the guest bedroom and asks what she chose for her room. She says she hasn’t made a decision yet. He sits down next to her and tells her she’s a visitor. It’s also her home. She says she’ll bring the book home and find a color.

They’ve been together for about a year. However, he still can’t get her to trust him. She’s been in some horrible relationships. Saying “it meant something to me” was liable to get her a lecture about not taking it so seriously. He had to tell her it was okay to disagree with him and to have an opinion.

At the mall, he waits for her on one of the couches at the dressing room. She had told some needed some new clothes and had to go shopping. He answered he’d go with her right away. She smiled at him. In the store, she asks him about the t-shirt. He says it looks nice. She shrugs and says she’s not crazy about it and says she has another she’d like him to see. As they carry her bags to the car, she thanks him for coming with her. He tells her it’s what he’s supposed to do. They are there to help one another. She says she’d like Chinese for dinner. He tells her it sounds good and suggests some of their favorite places.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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