Video Review: Mabel “One Shot”

Mabel pulls up into Race Trac gas station. Wearing a plastic coat over a plaid outfit, she walks into the store to pay. In the backseat, a version of herself, wearing large square earrings, hits the door. A second version of herself, in a floral jacket, rolls her eyes. A fourth version of herself walks out of the car and inside the gas station.

The versions of herself stand by her car parked underneath a bridge.

Wearing the floral jacket, she sits in the front seat of the car.

She glances over her shoulder at the clerk while she walks down the snack aisle. She grabs a bag of chips. The clerk says for her to go and checks her out as she walks back to her car.

In the afternoon, she drives downtown with three versions of herself in the car with her. In a screen, split up into four squares, the versions of herself either stare out the window or rest their heads.

At night, she stops at the Ivy Motel. The four versions of herself get out of the car and take turns talking to a young man.

Wearing a camouflage bra top and pants, a version of herself jumps on the bed. The other three versions of herself watch. All four versions of herself push the young man on the bed.

The four versions of herself walk in a parking lot.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mabel flips through photos of the current spring collections on her phone. She orders some new outfits from Rent The Runway. At the diner, she glances around her. It was getting late. Other than a couple in the corner, she was the only one person there. She gets up to pay her check.

She sighs as she gets into her car. The gas tank is almost empty. She rides to the closest gas station. Part of her is bored from the constant driving and irritated. It’s late and she wants to get out of the station. It seems to be in a sketchy area. She sees the clerk and takes a look around the store. The clerk thinks she’s flirting with him and she stares at him every so often. He lets her leave without paying and she races back to the car.

At the motel, she pays for her room and makes out with a cute guy. After he leaves, she unpacks  her suitcase. She takes out of her tube top. It was her favorite trend from the early 2000s and she was excited to see it trending again. Most of the trends from the era were cringeworthy. However, she liked collecting them and trying it out. The tube top made her feel like a star.  She jumps on the bed. A small part of her tells her to go to sleep. It’s been a long day. She’s tired. However, tomorrow is the trade show and conference. She’ll be able to sell some of her jewelry and clothes. She’ll also get to meet some designers. It’s a big day.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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