Video Review: The Human League “Don’t You Want Me”

In the middle of the night, Joanne waits by the side of the road. A car pulls up to her and she gets inside. A young man on his headlights a few feet away and follows them. Phillip sings in editing room. Joanne closes the door behind her and puts some things in the backseat. Phillip shoots at her from his car.

In the editing room, the director rewinds the scene. The men in the room look up as Sue walks in and hangs up her jacket. Joanne, Sue, Phillip sit in the seats.

Back on the set, the director finishes the scene. An assistant hands Joanne a cup of coffee. Sue puts her hands her pockets as she walks home. She glances over her shoulder and sees Phillip glaring at her.

Phillip stares at her while they sit in the editing room. Sue puts on gloves and files the negatives. The director turns around. Phillip steps over the marks and into his chair. A crew member glances at the dressing room set.

Rating: 5/5

“La League Humaine” was a footnote in Sue’s career. She had cited creative difference and left the movie. Phillip, through, his publicist, had said she was fired and couldn’t handle the stress. He implied she was taking drugs to cope. Philip, though, had read the few cover stories she had given for entertainment magazines. She was the Top 30 under 30 and a part of Young Hollywood. At every event, she was asked about leaving the movie. People predicted her career would be over. “La League Humaine” had the buzz of an Oscar movie. She, according to those within the industry, had given up a starmaking role over a failed romance.

Phillp continued to call her in private, begging her to come back and blamed her in the press for tainting the movie’s potential. The movie was shut down as they recast her role. She had thought of going back to him. He had been an established actor when she met him backstage at her college play. Awed by him and his immediate interest in her, they began to date. He began putting her in his films. With each role, she was gaining attention while people brushed him aside. After each movie, he was certain to remind her that he made her.

Leaving the movie had left her in debt for a while. She had broken a contract and had to transition to television for a while to earn some money. The steady income had allowed her to take on some roles in the summer. She worked three years straight without a break. She watched as Phillip debut another ingenue and declare her the love of his life. However, reports of abuse within the relationship had tarnished his reputation.

Sitting in front row at the Oscars, she hugs her husband as her name is announced as Best Actress. She was able to do it on her own without him. He could no longer take ownership of her career. On stage, she acknowledges her past, saying while she was out of work, she thought it was over.  However, a producer had called her up and offered her a role. She blows a kiss to the producer and thanks him for believing in her. He had been a become mentor to her.

A month later, she receives a phone call and gasps. Phillip had been found dead in his home. The police were ruling it an accident. His girlfriend had contacted her and asked her to give an eulogy. She had been the only one he truly loved. She says she’ll say a few words about him. She asks the press to respect her privacy during the difficult time.

Director: Steve Barron Year: 1981

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