Video Review: Wet Wet Wet “Love Is All Around”

Lit in lapis, Lindsey strums the guitar. Marti looks up at the ceiling in the garage. The reels on a projector turn. Marti touches his cheek while a fan spins next to him.

From the 1994 film, Four Weddings and a Funeral, Charles (Hugh Grant) sees Carrie (Andie MacDowell) at wedding. The both smile as a fortysomething man arranges the screens. In color, they chat at a cafe.

Tommy plays the drum on the floor.

From a clip, a couple kisses on their wedding day.

As Marti sings on the screen, a fortysomething man changes the angle with another piece of glass.

From the clip, Charles grins at Carrie while she sleeps in bed. Back in lapis, Charles and Carrie laugh. Charles says hello to Carrie at a wedding. In color, Charles eats while Carrie tries on lingerie.

Lit in lapis, Neil drinks some coffee at his keyboard.

From the clip, Henrietta (Anna Chancellor) hits Charles while they stand at the altar.

In lapis, Marti puts his hands over his face.

From the clip, Charles kisses Carrie in the rain.

Rating: 2/5

Marti blows his nose and dabs his eyes. Neil sniffles and Marti hands the box of tissues to him. Marti shouts at Carrie to get it together. Tommy shushes Marti. Neil gasps at Gareth’s death. He says to the group that he didn’t see it coming. Marti says he didn’t either and it gets him every single time.

Tommy says they are watching an action movie after it’s over. Neil says he’s talking over the best part. Marti rewinds to watch it again. Tommy munches on some popcorn and gives the bowl to Marti. Marti says he can’t watch the next scene and walks into the kitchen.

Marti returns for the ending. As the credits roll, Neil tells the group that it’s his favorite movie. Marti says Hugh Grant should win an Oscar. Marti says he has a crush on Andie MacDowell and has searched for every movie she made. Some of them have been hard to find, though. Tommy says Grant’s an idiot if he doesn’t marry Elizabeth Hurley. Marti tuns off the televison and says he’s going to write for a while. Tommy taps his drum. Neil looks at the stack of movies and picks out four from the shelf.

Director: N/A Year: 1994

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