Video Review: Pitbull & Shakira “Get It Started”

In Madrid, Spain, Pitbull sits on his couch at home and watches black-and-white security footage on his television. He looks through the photos of the young man on screen. He snaps photos with his camera while the young man with his associate and his girlfriend get into a car. He pours himself a glass from a liquor bottle.

In Barcelona, Spain, Shakira, wearing a gold dress, leans against a column on the balcony.

A security camera turns to the center. On the television, the young man touches the young woman’s face while they sit on the couch.

In color, she dances at a club. The four cameras at the club catch the young woman dancing in the top left corner. To the top right, a second young man wears sunglasses as he stands by a sandstone painted wall. On the bottom left, she glances over her shoulder at the young man. To the right, the young man stares at her.

Pitbull dances in his family room.

The young woman takes off her engagement ring  and places it on the sheet as the young man sleeps in their bed. With the ring in his palm, he closes his hand. At the airport, she wheels her luggage and rides the escalator. His associate lifts up his collar and communicates with the young woman. The young woman walks to the train and pushes his associate away. She and the young man argue.

The young woman runs out of the house. Pitbull holds her hand as helps get into the car. The young man puts his hands on his hips as he watches them drive off. Pitbull and the young woman continue to hold hands as they walk into his house. They make out in the family room.

The young woman walks towards him on his balcony. He whispers in her ear. People follow Pitbull’s car and almost cause an accident. Pitbull performs in concert. She dances backstage.

 Rating: 4/5

The young woman hands her bags to the driver. She no longer looks over her shoulder. Her boyfriend and his associate are sitting in jail. Pitbull, an investigator at the time, had explained to the authorities she was innocent. Her boyfriend, though, had been trying to frame her for identify theft and forgery. The authorities wanted to prosecute her. However, he had detailed evidence as proof that she wasn’t involved.

Pitbull quit investigating after the case. Over the years, he’d watched families get destroyed after being targeted by criminals. He started rapping in small clubs and receiving attention. She sat in the studio with him as he recorded his first single. The single became a modest hit. They believed it was an one-off and they would go back to their lives.

However, he was signed by a record company and had a string of top 10 singles. Security guards flanked them as they traveled all over the world. She wasn’t ever alone. She knew she was safe. During a sold-out concert, she saw a security guard from the corner of the eye and grinned as danced to Pitbull’s music. At the end of the show, he holds her hand as he shields her from the overzealous fans and photographers.

Director: David Rosseau Year: 2012

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