Video Review: Robyn “Between The Lines”

Robyn laughs on a beach in Ibiza, Spain and runs towards the camera. Wearing a black bikini, she lies on a towel and sleeps in the sun.

Covered in multi-colored balls, she sings into a microphone in the bathtub. At sunrise, she and her friends jump into the ocean. Wearing a white one-piece, she dances by a wall. She films the beach with her phone.

In a lavender bikini and bottoms over a canary yellow pants, she dances by a lime green painted wall. Her friend, Kindness, dances in place at the beach. Her dog jumps into the water. Kindness walks into the bathroom and climbs into the bathtub with her.

She and her friends swim at the hotel pool. While she drives, she and her friends sing along with the radio. Three men faces’ are blurred on the beach. Kindness reads by the pool as Robyn floats on her back. SSION and Robyn dance in their lawn chairs by the pool. Her friends climb into the bathtub with her.

At the venue, Robyn talks with her one of her friends while they sit on a bench. They share photos on their phones. Robyn and SSION drink from large glasses. Stylists help her with her dress and makeup. She walks through the crowd to get to the stage. She takes the microphone and winks. She and her friends wave at a helicopter.

She and one of her friends dance as they walk downtown at night. They pick out bags of candy at the convenience store. She performs on stage. She waves her canary yellow coat over her head in a parking lot. SSION comments “there’s just too much handle in this fashion shoot!” Robyn answers “the fashion is insane!” She and her friends dance at the club. In the white one-piece, she relaxes by the pool.

Rating: 4.5/5

Robyn puts a coat over her outfit. Her friends tell her they’ll see her after work. SSION packs up his camera. She hands him some film. They call out “bye” as they leave the hotel. Robyn says they’ll be home sometime in the afternoon.

SSION and Robyn listen to the radio as they drive to the building. She says the outfit is actually comfortable. She thinks of wearing the bikini later. At the building, he puts on his music player and Robyn dances in her outfit. She changes into jeans and a t-shirt in the bathroom. SSION says they built a new restaurant since they’ve last been to Ibiza. She says she wants to try it.

Back at the hotel, she rests her voice as her friends talk by the pool. She whispers to SSION that she’s going to bed. Her friends tell her good night as she walks back to her room. An hour later, one of her friends says they should go to bed, too. They pick up their drinks and towels and tip toe down the hallway to their rooms.

Around 7 a.m., Robyn wakes up and eats breakfast. She texts SSION and tells him they need to be at the venue at least an hour and a half early. During the show, she smiles as she hears her friends cheer for her. In her dressing room, she says they are going out dancing tonight.

While walking downtown, she buys her friend some candy and tags her in a video on their private social media pages. Her friend points to a store and they shop for clothes. A few people stare at Robyn as they walk in and eye her friend. Her friend looks through a rack of clothes and keeps on an eye on her friend as she talks with a couple of fans. Robyn glances at her and her friend takes a t-shirt. Her friend breaks into the conversation and asks for Robyn’s opinion. The fan apologizes and says it was great meeting her. Robyn and her friend say goodbye. Her friend looks at her phone and says SSION is in a taxi and heading for the club. Robyn tells her to say they’ll be right there. Robyn hails a taxi and asks the driver to wait a minute for her friend. Her friend runs into the taxi. They laugh in the backseat as tell inside jokes to one another.

Director: SSION Year: 2019

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