Video Review: Alessia Cara “Out Of Love”

A young man stands by the trunk of his car in the road.

In a second young man with curly blond hair holds a butterfly on the tip of his finger. His girlfriend blows on the butterfly as they sit in their homemade tent on the beach.

A second young woman smiles as she hangs her head out of the passenger side of the car. The young man runs into the field where his girlfriend is standing.

In the stables, the young man with curly blonde hair dances with his girlfriend.

A third young woman sits in the bathtub with her girlfriend and kisses her hand.

Alessia Cara stands in the bathroom. She sits in the front seat of the car while a  fourth young man stares ahead. His girlfriend puts her hand in her hair and leans her elbow against the windowsill. She films herself on the phone as she stands in the field. She looks out the gold and white curtain in the house.

Cara sits on her bed. The lit candles form a path to her nightstand.

The young man with the curly blonde hair lies on the grass with his girlfriend. They stare into one another’s eyes. She puts her hands on her stomach and turns her head away from him. Cara walks towards them in a striped dress and sits in the grass.

The couple faces one another in the bathtub. Smoke drifts over the couple in the car and lying on the grass.

Cara puts her head down as she leans against the sink in the bathroom.

Rating: 2.5/5

The engagement was called off. Alessia Cara finds the receipt and returns her gift to the store. She scrolls through her social media feed and sees a post with another friend, celebrating being single. Another newly single friend says they have to go out for drinks. Cara thinks of her breakup six months ago. She missed him and he had been her best friend. However, she didn’t have any passion for him.

While out with drinks with her friends, they talk about their exes. Cara says she has thought of contacting her ex to see how he’s been. Her friends respond “no” in unison. One of her friends says the breakup was really rough on him and she needs to let him go from her life. Her friend continues by saying she was with her ex-boyfriend since freshman year of college. They had their lives planned out. However, she kissed someone else at a party. She had to end it. Cara agrees, saying being with her high school sweetheart seemed empty to her. A second friend says they have to drink more. The second friend gestures for the server and orders another round of drinks.

Cara and her friends sit in silence as their Lyft driver takes them home. Cara tells her friends goodbye and gets out her key. She opens the door and tosses her jacket on the floor. She looks to the room on the right. Shelves hang on the wall. A desk faces the window. It was her ex-boyfriend’s study. He had told her he had wanted one once they moved in together. She bought the house but he wouldn’t take the key she gave him.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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