Video Review: La Roux “I’m Not Your Toy”

Elly stands up in the translucent pool and opens her eyes. Sitting on her wicker chair, she watches a video from her digital camera binoculars.

In the video, a vintage floral mat lies on a lounge chair outside the hotel. A statue of an alligator sits by the pool.  A bowl of strawberries sits on the table.

She closes her eyes and holds her scepter. She continues to watch the video while sitting on the chair.

She performs by the potted plants near the pool. Three female dancers materialize one by one as she sings. Two men fan themselves with large hunter green leaves. People materialize by the pool. Some people sip their drinks as they stand. A fortysomething man smokes from his pipe. An eight-year-old darts his eyes back and forth.

A watermelon face mask moves its eyes. The people shuffle their feet. Some people look at her with their tiny binoculars. A server carries a tray of drinks. The fortysomething man with a pipe stares at the twentysomething man sitting next to him.

An aqua hologram of Elly’s head rotates in the main room of the hotel. People put on their sunglasses as they dance in place. A young woman rings the bell. A sixtysomething man turns the lever on the dial to stop. The music stops. He turns the lever again to full. A fiftysomething man puts a large microscope to his teeth. A second twentysomething man opens his hands and reads a holographic book. A third twentysomething man snaps a photo on his digital camera. A fourth twentysomething talks on his holographic cell phone.

Elly smiles as she dances in her chair.

Elly sinks back into the translucent water.

Rating: 2/5

A fortysomething man snaps his fingers at the server and tells him there is no olive in his drink. He asks the server to fetch him another. The fiftysomething man straightens his tie and clears his throat. His 10-year-old grandchild folds her hands by her hips as she stands still by her grandmother.

Elly sips her drink at the bar. The bartender compliments her on her performance. She asks him if he noticed the sixtysomething man almost fall out of his chair during the second song. The bartender says the young people seemed to want to dance but were holding back. Elly comments that she feels bad for the kids. They didn’t know what to do. The bartender raises his eyebrows and says it wouldn’t be proper for them to dance. Elly downs her drink and does a spin. The people give her dirty looks. She and the bartender laugh.

Elly reads a holographic magazine in the lobby. She gazes at the twentysomething man but he continues to stare ahead. She looks up at the white-painted ceiling and gets up to touch the statue of a golden lion. An employee whispers to her that it’s art. She nods her head and stifles a laugh. She had seen the same statues on display at the local gardening stores.

Director: Alexandliane Year: 2009

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