Video Review: Lita Ford “Kiss Me Deadly”

Lit in electric blue, Lita Ford bends her legs as she sings into the microphone.

Against an ink blue background, she lifts up her long, blonde hair as she dances.

She arches her back by the microphone and crawls on the floor towards the microphone. Ice sculptures stand behind her in the warehouse.

In color, she slides on the floor and plays the guitar. She kicks up her leg as a few fires burn between the ice sculptures. She holds onto the microphone and pushes her shoulder up to her cheek as she performs. PIeces of the ice sculpture break off. The band plays in the background.

Wearing a black bra top and jeans, she leans against a white-painted column.

Lit in electric blue, she holds up her guitar.

In color, she throws her head back and lets the wind blow through her hair.

Rating: 2/5

Lita Ford puts her pool stick by her side and tells the guy he owes her $100. He says he doesn’t have it right now. She traces his chin with her finger and digs in his pocket for his wallet. She counts the cash and tells him the $75 makes them even. She walks to the bar and orders a beer. Leaning against the counter, she chugs the beer and smokes a cigarette. She sneaks back inside her parents’ home at about 4 a.m.

Her father wakes her up at 6 a.m. and tells her he wants to talk. She tells him “not now.” He pulls sheet and tells her to get downstairs. With her hand on her forehead. she groans as she walks down the steps. At the dinner table, her father tells she’s at an important stage in her life. She says it doesn’t matter. Her shift starts at 3 p.m. She’ll be okay by then. He tells her it’s not the point. She says she’s in early twenties and shrugs. He says he won’t be around forever.

She talks to some of her regular customers at work. Her boss catches her putting extra noodles in the soup and tells her it’s too much. She says they asked for it and didn’t much last week. He says they all say that and to only give a modest portion. She rolls her eyes as she walks back to the table. As she totals her checks, the boss asks to speak to her in private. In his office, he tells her she’s fired. She demands to know why. He says she’s always late and refuses to follow the rules. He has to let her go.

Her parents ask her about work. She says it was all right and that she’s tired. She calls up her best friend and says they can practice all day tomorrow. She’s no longer working. Her best friend says okay and that he ‘s excited. She sings and plays the guitar throughout the night for two weeks straight.

Her father wants to know about her paycheck. She tells there isn’t one and explains she’s out of work. Her father tells her to get in the car and drives her past every strip mall for her to get applications. He drops her off at the community college and tells her to pick up a course book and application. He says she’s going to take some classes and gain some skills. She returns home and heads upstairs. She sits on her bed and strums her guitar. It’s her best option so far.

 Director: N/A Year: 1988

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