Video Review: Debelah Morgan “Dance With Me”

Debelah Morgan walks down the stairs of Hernando’s Hideaway with her friends. She takes off her jacket and watches a young man twirl a young woman as they dance.

She and her friends fix their hair in front of the mirror in the bathroom.

She dances on the checkered dance floor. A twentysomething man dances close to her as she continues to watch the young man. The young man twirls two young women. She touches the young man’s cheek as he dances with her. The twentysomething man slides between her legs and stands between them. She pushes him away.

She walks over to the young man and gets blocked by a line of young women. Her friends sit on the floor and kick their legs.

She sits at the bar.

She and the young man dance by themselves.

The twentysomething man and a second young woman separate them as they dance in the club. She watches him dance with the second young woman. He glances over his shoulder at her. The twentysomething man shakes his head. People talk with one another at the counter. She performs a routine with her friends.

The twentysomething man performs a routine with his friends. She points him out to her friends. Her friends interrupt and dance. She smiles as she dances with the young man.

Rating: 2/5

Debelah Morgan knew she didn’t have a chance with the young man. There was too much competition with the other women. None of her were like her. She was an outsider. However, she was in love with him. He seemed to care for her. But they could hardly find a way to be alone together. One of the young women usually pulled him away whenever she approached him.

A twentysomething man says he would like to dance with her. She says she can’t. He says the twentysomething man isn’t trying hard enough for her love and doesn’t deserve her. She tells him he likes him as a friend. He says she’ll love him someday. She has to try.

Her friends stand up for her and tell the women she’s as good as them. She tells them the twentysomething man continues to pressure her for a relationship. She’s told him no but he’s determined to date her. Her friends say they’ll talk to him.

The young man distances himself from the other women and says he’s wanted to talk to her all night. She asks if he wants to go somewhere private. He holds her hand and apologizes for the other women. He’s not interested in them at all. She tells him it’s all right and she didn’t believe the other women. He twirls her around on the dance floor, his hand on her back. She rests her head on his shoulder as they walk outside.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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