Video Review: Jonas Brothers “Cool”

The manager of the beach resort in Miami Beach, Florida, tells Nick, Joe and Kevin that “it’s bingo night. They are going to love you.” The manager throws his car keys to Joe and says, “take the Ferrari home.”

They perform by the pool. Sixtysomething women dance to the music.

Nick,, in a turquoise leisure suit, walks in front of the orange Ferrari. Two lines of women, wearing legwarmers and leotards follow him on each side of the car. He douses cologne over his neck.

Joe, wearing a white suit, sits on a lawn chair on the beach. Nick bobs his head as lies neck-deep in the sand. Joe holds the boombox to his ears as the women in bikinis carry walk with their umbrellas in a circle around him. A mime performs. Women in bikinis scream as  someone opens the door of the Ocean Surf diner.

Joe, Nick, and Kevin dunk their heads in the water.

Joe dances in front of the diner. He pours himself a glass of Bayou Rum as he lounges on the beach.

They stand against a red background. They sail in the ocean.

Kevin, in a sailor outfit, balances two parrots on his arms.

The sixtysomething women cheer for them. Nick blows them a kiss.

Rating: 4/5

Joe pleas with the loan sharks for an extension. He can pay off his debt. The band is starting to do well. He can sign away any royalties to them. The loan shark shoves him against the wall and breaks a finger, telling him next time it’ll be a limb.

Kevin kisses his wife goodbye. His wife wishes good luck and apologizes for not being there. Kevin says he understands. Kevin waves to her as he pulls out of the driveway. He turns the corner and then sits at building near his subdivision. He sees a Corvette and trails behind it. The man in the Corvette parks in the driveway of his home. His wife greets the man with a long hug and kiss. He hits the steering wheel and curses.

Nick looks at the number again. It was in a $2 million contract to go solo. His girlfriend tells him to take it. His brothers would understand. He says he can’t do it to them. They’re family. His girlfriend tells him he needs to think about himself for once.

Nick, Joe and Kevin thank the sixtysomething women for their support and say they’ll return after their break. As Joe leaves to go the bathroom, the loan shark hit in the knees. Kevin spots the man who was with his wife and punches him out by the bar. Nick talks in the diner with the record label executive and signs the contract.

Director: Anthony Mandler Year: 2019

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