Video Review: AJ Mitchell “All My Friends”

AJ Mitchell plays the piano in the darkened music room. His paired-off friend sit on their significant others’ laps and cuddle with them.

He sits in by a brick hall in his home. Above him is a black-and-white of him with his last girlfriend. He tosses and turns in his bed. In his backyard, his two younger siblings play the clothesline. He walks past the slate curtain drying on the clothesline.

He leans against the railing of the steps outside of school. He shakes his head as his two friends make out and walks away. He walks on the rooftop of a building. Walking down the path in the park, he moves past a group of couples standing near a tent.

He stands by a window inside his home.

His crush watches a video of him on Tik Tok. She switches to his Instagram and watches him play his piano. He walks to the microphone and begins to sing at the club. She shuts of the screen and puts her phone in her pocket. They stare at one another as they walk down the hallway. He winks as she continues to check him out.

Rating: 2/5

AJ Mitchell groans as he reads a mushy post from his latest girlfriend on her social media page. “You’re the one. I love you forever. Kisses.” His friends pucker their lips and make kissing sounds. He tells them to shut up. One of his friends asks if it’s true love. Mitchell laughs and says it’s far from it. She’s fun to make out with at parties and sometimes she’ll let him cheat him off her in classes. However, she isn’t anyone he wants to ask to prom.

His crush waves to him as she passes by him. His friends grin and glance at him. He gestures for her to come over. She walks to him and sits down. He asks her how she’s feeling. She shrugs and says she’s been doing better. He says she was really sick. She says her parents were worried and took her straight to the emergency room. However, the doctors simply gave her pain medication. He says it seemed like everyone in school was sick. She nods and says half of one her classes was out for a day. She gets up and says it was good talking to him.

As she walks away, he asks his friends why she won’t go out with him. He says they are friends and get along but that’s it. She’s only girl he wants to date long-term. One of his friends pats his shoulder. He takes out a bite of his apple and says he’s going to break up with his girlfriend. His friends tell him to be nice. He shakes his head and says he’ll hear about it soon enough.

Director: Sam Lecca Year: 2019

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