Video Review: Diana Ross “Muscles”

The wind blows through the open window while Diana Ross sleeps in her bed at night. It rotates to quick flashes of light.

As she sleep, a second version of herself emerges from her body and sits up on the bed. The second version of herself smiles as shirtless, muscular men sit beside on her in bed. The men flex their arms.

The second version of herself covers her ears as she sits on the floor and watches two men walk by her. In black-and-white, a lanky man places his hand on a tree while he stands in the field. She glances over her shoulder and sees a fireman and farmer behind her. She turns her head back. Smoke covers as she stares at their shirtless chests. A little boy flexes his arms.

Several men do cartwheels on Ross’ arm. She blows them a kiss, the air knocking them over. The men sit on the floor and she dances by them. She removes the clothes of her cardboard cutout man and puts underwear on him.

A shirtless man’s chest lights up in pink. Ross spreads her arms as she flies within one of his pectoral muscles. She gazes at the stars and a canyon. She passes by the mountains and desert. On his body, a neighborhood lines his chest. Houses tumble over as he moves his arm.

She looks in the mirror and sees a shirtless man. She puts the mirror behind her ear.

She continues to sleep in bed.

Rating: 1/5

Diana Ross turns the page of her Harlequin romance novel. She touches her chest as she reads the sex scene. The young, muscular man on the cover tells the quiet maiden she’s no longer a blossoming flower. She’s a fully grown woman with a vampiric hunger for passion. She lunges to his chest and pleads for him to make her immortal. She places her bookmark at the end of the chapter and turns off her lamp.

She lies on her bed and dreams of the young, muscular man. Several shirtless men surround her in bed. She tells them she can’t choose only one of them. The men say they are willing to share. They work out schedules. She mentions she has doctor’s appointment on Thursday but will be available at night. The shirtless men sit in the cubicles while she files paperwork at her job. Her heart pounds as she walks by one of the men. She drops off some copies by his desk. The man thanks her with a kiss.

The young, muscular man catches her in the cubicle and says he must write her up. She apologizes for betraying him. She tells him she was a victim of temptation. She drops her to her knees and promises she’ll love only him forever. The young, muscular man whisks her away to his office and says he won’t ever…

Her alarm clock rings and she presses snooze. However, the young, muscular man is nowhere to be found. She rolls her eyes as she wakes up. In the kitchen, she bangs the cup on the counter and shouts “why does nothing work!” Taking a bite out of her toast, she reads a page of her romance novel over breakfast. She smiles as she gets her keys and heads to work.

Director: N/A Year: 1982

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