Video Review: 4 Non Blondes “What’s Up”

Linda walks into towards a microphone inside a home. Art hangs on the wall as the band plays.

Lit in cobalt, she opens a door and walks to a glass globe.

Sha plays the guitar as he turns a space whirl.

In black-and-white, the band performs at a small club.

She plays with a yo-yo at the park. Roger runs with his skateboard. She drops some jellybeans on the ground. They scream. They sit on various farm animals as they ride the carousel. A sign on a pole advertises the band’s free show. They each take turns on the swing. She falls in the dirt. Christa steps in the mud as Linda plays with the yo-yo.

She drops the jellybeans on the hardwood floor in the family room.

Linda sits on top of the slide. Christa and Dawn help her up the slide again.

Rating: 2/5

Linda ties the laces on her boots as she walks in her affluent neighborhood. The neighbor across the street turns her head and stares at her. From the corner of her eye, Linda sees her neighbor shake her head and murmur something to her boyfriend. She tips her hat at them and walks inside her house.

Her mother asks her about her walk. Linda says she hung up some more posters for her band’s show. Her mother says she’s excited for it and hope it leads to a small tour. She says they are doing it for fun. Her mother tells they are really talented and should be heard. Linda looks down at the table and says “not many people are going to want to hear us.” Her mother gives her a hug and says her music is going to help people.

Linda and her friends set up their instruments in the family room. Christa comments on her mom’s new painting. Linda says her mom got it from a local gallery downtown. Christa says she’s going to get something to drink. Her dad says hello the band and asks if he can watch. Linda laughs and says “of course you can watch.” She strums her guitar and her dad gives the devils horn symbol with his fingers.

Director: Morgan Lawley Year: 1993

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