Video Review: Jeremy Zucker “Comethru”

Jeremy Zucker taps his foot on the roof of a building. His aqua summer hoodie over his head, he nods his head with one hand in his pocket. He puts his hand on his heart. He dances in place. He waves his finger and gestures sleeping on a pillow with his hands.

He jumps up and down. Holding his phone in his right hand, he continues to dance. He puts his phone back in his pocket and tucks his hands under his sleeves. He stares at the pavement and then smiles.

Rating: 4/5

Jeremy Zucker unpacks the last of the cardboard boxes in his childhood room. He sets up the books from his classes on his desk. He scrolls through the job boards on his cell phone and works on his cover letters. While he walks into the kitchen, his mom tells him she’s going to make spaghetti tonight. He pops open the can of soda ands says it sounds good. He’ll probably go out later and meet up with some friends.

Zucker and his best friend compare LinkedIn accounts as they stand in line to buy movie tickets. His best friend said he was able to get a few interviews. Zucker says he’s applied for a few jobs on the site but haven’t heard anything yet. His best friend says he was able to find a job working the evening shift at mall. Zucker says he’s planning to going to the college for some interview prep. He shakes his head, saying he went on an interview a week ago and it was horrible.

Around 3 a.m., he turns  the key in the door. The dog barks in the mud room. He shuts the garage door and opens the door. The dog licks his face and asks for a belly rub. His dad asks him about the movie. He says it was all right but he’s going to bed now. His father tells him to call if he’s going to be later than 1 a.m. Zucker says he’ll remember next time and tells his dad goodnight.

Director: Ben Schmidt Year: 2018

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