Video Review: Alice Deejay “Better Off Alone”

The sun rises in the desert.

Judith, Mila and Angelique dance in the silhouette. Orange and yellow blended drapes hang from the ceiling.

A water bottle drops on the floor. A young man leaves his hotel room and drives in his Jeep.

While large, multiple circles turn in the background, Judith dances. Judith, Mila and Angelique perform a routine on their own Oriental rugs. Couches sit by the orange and yellow blended drapes. Judith folds her hands in prayer while sky blue squares mesh into one another in the background.

The young man hits the steering wheel.

Judith, wearing a metallic blue top, dances by a wall.

The young man opens the trunk of his Jeep. He screams as he stands in the road. He grabs his backpack in the front seat and walks. He tosses the bag into the field and runs in the desert. He steps over the sand dunes and slides down a hill. The sand covers his body.

Judith, Mila and Angelique finish their routine.

Rating: 2/5

Judith, Mila and Angelique clink their glasses at the bar. A bearded young man glances at Judith and she waves at him. Mila and Angelique smile, She says she’s going to talk to him. Ten minutes later, she returns to the table with his number. Mila asks if she’s going to call him. She shrugs, saying “maybe.” There’s another guy interested in her and they seem to be a better match. Angelique about her promotion. Judith says she’s currently transitioning into her position. She and her new boss get along really well. However, she adds, she hopes to move from the company within another a year or two. Mila says she’s heard her ex-boyfriend hasn’t been able to hold down a job since dumping her. Judith snickers, saying it’s karma.

The young man can’t walk any longer. His knees weak, he falls onto the sand. He’s really made a series of poor decisions over the past year. His ex-girlfriend, Judith, tried to tell him. He wouldn’t let her talk, though. He shut down any criticism from her and left her with a vague goodbye.

During his going-away party, he had told his friends he needed to be single. He had been settling for Judith. At his job, he’ll be making tons of money and living a lifestyle people envied. He complained that Judith couldn’t handle his success and was holding him back. The mistake was his, though. Within the first month of his job, he realized it was a bait-and-switch. He couldn’t afford the rent on his home. Within a year, he was back home and trying to find another job.

He had dated several young women. However, they usually dropped him once they found out he had a low-paying job.  He had lived with one girlfriend for a while. But he had to kick her out. She had been writing fraudulent checks in his name and using his credit card. His debt had ballooned into the thousands of dollars. He drove out the desert and walked until he had no energy. Dehydrated and passed out. the medics found him and saved his life. They told him he was lucky to be alive. He responded that it wasn’t luck.

Director: Cousin Mike Year: 1999

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