Video Review: Khalid “Free Spirit”

A van drives down a road. A young woman, with hunter green braids, looks out the sunroof.

Khalid dances in the road by the parked van.

A young couple dances by the campfire. Some of his friends dance. A friend spray paints “Free Spirit” on the van.

The young woman listens to her headphones in a gym. A third young woman skateboards in the parking lot of an office building.

He and his friends stand by the shoulder of the road.

Lit in burned orange, he and his friends hang out in the hotel. A young woman smokes a joint. Two of his friends jump on the bed. A friend pierces a beer can, spraying the liquid on the carpet.

A group of his friends pose for a photo at the school dance. The young woman drives the van for a few hours. As dusk falls, they stand by the van in the road. Khalid smiles as he looks out the sunroof.

The second young woman dances at the strip club. The young woman dances with her boyfriend at the dance. She dances by herself in the center of the empty cafeteria. Two of his friends sleep in a store.

The van continues to drive on the road.

Rating: 4/5

The semester was over. Khalid took his last final on Friday. He and his friends had been hanging out in the library and their dorms room, studying for two weeks straight. Some of his friends from out of state packed after their tests. One of his friends was graduating. He and his friends wanted to do something special. The friend had helped deal with problem roommates and let them know which counselor to talk to about classes. Without the friend, Khalid would’ve attended some parties but not gotten know anyone really well.

Khalid asks his friend where he wants to go. His friend says he would like to go to New York. He tells him to start packing. They’ll plan the road trip and all he needs to bring are some clothes and food. In the car, the talk all night and sleep during the day. They take turns driving. On the fourth day, they stop to camp somewhere in Tennessee.

In Pennsylvania, they splurge on a hotel room. While the young woman smokes, she confesses she’s been in love with the young man. The young man puts his head on her shoulder and gives her a kiss on the forehead. He whispers to her they’ll talk later. Khalid performs one of his songs for them. They clap for him. He says while they are in New York, he wants to perform in a club.

At an open mic night in a small New York City club, the young man tells his friend they have a spot for him. His friend shakes his head and says he took care of it.  He sings on stage and the owner asks if he can come back next week. He says he can’t and that he’s from out of state. His friend offers to pay his plane ticket and says Khalid will be in town by next weekend. He thanks his friend and asks how he can repay. His friend says he doesn’t have to do anything. He wants to help him succeed. Khalid celebrates his friends in the hotel room until the early morning.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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