Video Review: Drax Project & Hailee Steinfeld “Woke Up Late”

A young woman (Liza Koshy) grabs her keys and reads the text messages from her boss on the phone. Her boss asks where she is and that she “was supposed open by 9.” She picks up a photograph and places it on Shaan while he sleeps. She leaves, dropping her work keys.

Shaan wakes up and sits up in bed. He looks out the window and watches the young woman dancing on the sidewalk. He sees her work keys and follows behind her as she dances to the bus stop. He takes a young man’s bicycle and rides next to the bus.

Drax Project perform inside the Sunbeam Vintage store.

The young woman smiles as she sees Shaan sleeping beside her. She dances on the bus. At the store, she searches her pocket for her keys. Shaan drops the bike and hands her the her key. She opens the door and lets him into the store.

The young woman and Shaan dance in her bedroom. She pushes him onto her bed and makes out with him. They dance in the store.

Rating: 3.5/5

She can’t be late again. The young woman runs to the bus stop. With her car in the shop, it has been difficult to get to work on time. Her boss has been understanding so far. She was expected to get fired after opening the store on Saturday. Her boss simply told her to at least at let her know beforehand if the bus is running late.

As she walks to the bus stop, Shaan calls out to her in his car. He stops the car and tells her to get inside. She hasn’t seen Shaan in two weeks. They’ve texted a few times and both left each other voicemails. She had reasoned their deep connection was only for the night and not to expect much more.

In the car, she and Shaan catch up. She asks where he lives. He tells her that his apartment is right around the corner. He says he’s glad he finally got a chance to talk to her in person and asks her out on a date. In the parking lot, she says she would like to see him again. He kisses her and tells her to have a good day. She says she’ll talk to him later. As she walks on the sidewalk, she glances over her shoulder and smiles at Shaan, who waves to her.

Director: Jonathon Singer-Vine Year: 2019

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