Video Review: Sonique “I Put A Spell On You”

Inside a a cyan lit building, multiple hallways lead into another. At night, Sonique and her friends walk on top of a rooftop of the building. They crack the glass on the roof and repel through the holes. They set some of some their gear on the floor and run down the hallway.

Wearing sunglasses, Sonique and her two friends walk in the building. Her two friends shake out their ponytails and walk to different areas of the building. Sonique passes an elevator and takes off her sunglasses.

Sonique manuevers through a room of red lasers. She slaps an electric red rope on the floor of the main hallway.

A twentysomething man sits inside a clear glass box. A chartreuse light shines over his body. While the light rotates from scarlet red and cyan, four women run back and forth. Sonique walks to the young woman in the glass box. The light continues to rotate as she puts in the security code. She kisses the twentysomething man in the glass box.

Several women, wearing black blazers and skirts, walk into the room and see an old, wrinkled man in the glass box.

Rating: 4.5/5

A sudden influx of young twentysomethings had moved into the area. At about the same time, a fatal disease infected the senior citizen population and killed off almost an entire generation. The few that had survived disappeared. Sonique never told anyone her age. She could pass for late 20s. There seemed to be an age limit to live. Eternal youth was expected.

Sonique mixes up some sage and oil. She waves her hand over the liquid and closes her eyes as she says the word of the spell. She drinks the liquid and puts some in vials. Within minutes, the gray in her hair was gone and the frown lines became invisible. Some of her friends, who were in their 50s, no longer came into work. She called them and didn’t get an answer. Between breaks, they took walks in the city,

One of her friends saw groups of young people leave an office building in the middle of the city everyday. They had researched the company but couldn’t find any information other than the standard business information on the website.They each an auto-generated reply to their emails. There were no follow-ups, despite the implication other emails would follow.

She and her friends developed a plan to break into the building. In the center of the building, one man lived in a glass box. He was one of many throughout. Towards the top of the building, families were housed. Sonique reversed her spell and spoke it as she walked into the building. She shielded her friends from her words and advised them to hurry.

The man in the glass box seemed to be the head of it all. The women, scattered throughout the building, catered to his every need and demanded that he be protected at all costs. Sonique entered the glass box and revealed his true age. He was an old man. The women gasped their long locks of hair turned gray and bodies became frail. Throughout the country, mysterious deaths of government officials were reported. Years later, a newspaper broke the story that the old man had implemented the unwritten age limit and caused millions of deaths.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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