Video Review: Brownstone “Grapevyne”

A young man sits on a couch and puts his hands over his face. As he disappears, Nicci, Charmayne and Monica sit on the couch together. In the darkness, he takes his suitcases and leaves.

Monica, in a white sweater and jeans, sits on the roof of the home. Nicci sits on the orange cushions of the couch. Monica sings by a teal lit glass.

In silhouette, the young man and a young woman kiss in the driveway. In black-and-white, a group of dancers perform in the family room. Monica slaps the young man.  Charmayne sings by the pool. Nicci sings in the backyard.

The young man walks on the driveway.

Rating: 2.5/5

Nicci believes it’s not true. He wouldn’t cheat. Monica knows what she heard and it makes sense. Charmayne holds her back as she heads to the closet. Charmayne tells her to take some cool off. Nicci hides the knives and scissors.  Charmayne tells her she has some legal standing but she can’t be rash. Monica nods and then punches the wall. She rubs her hand and Nicci takes her to the bathroom.

While Nicci bandages her cuts, Monica bites her lip as she says she didn’t think it would happen to her. Nicci tells her to not to blame herself. His bad behavior is not a reflection of her. She says she’s tried so hard to be strong but she knew. She shakes her head, saying she knew and continued to stay. Nicci kisses her on the forehead and tells her no one is going to think less of her.

Charmayne asks Nicci how she’s doing. Nicci takes a cup of coffee and says she needs some time to deal with it. Charmayne says Monica’s boyfriend has to get to her husband. Her husband told him to leave them alone. Nicci says he’s already called her, asking about Monica and she hung up on him. Charmayne says he really thought he changed. Nicci can’t believe she trusted him. She wishes they hadn’t introduced them.

Nicci knocks on the bathroom door and asks Monica if she wants some company. Monica opens the door and shrugs. Monica apologizes for ruining their day. Nicci and Charmayne hug her. Nicci says they are her friends and are supposed to be there for her. Charmayne says she’ll get her some tissue. Nicci says stay for as long as she wants. Monica gives Nicci a small smile.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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