Video Review: Lil Peep, iLoveMakonnen & Fall Out Boy “I’ve Been Waiting”

A message reads on screen: “Dedicated to all those people that want to feel the magic around them. And also to Peep, who inspired this magic.”

iLoveMakonnen plays the piano in the forest. White statutes of goddesses and columns line the area, extending the grounds of the spacious castle on the hill. A pink caterpillar crawls on the side of the piano. Enchanted sparkles float in the air. Large mushrooms sit on the grass by the lake. A moth flies by him and he follows it to a throne made of white roses. The fairy opens the door and he walks inside.

iLoveMakonnen walks to a hot air balloon. He flies in the mountains. Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump walk underneath a waterfall. Wentz raises his hand and creates two chairs out of pink streaks of air. He adds a golden chandelier and table. He folds his hands in prayer.

iLoveMakonnen watches a shark fly in the pink clouds. He lands by the waterfall and sits with Wentz and Stump. The fairy enlarges as its sits at the table with them. They toast one another while utensils and food floats above near their heads. They leave the table and it disappears as the moth flaps it wings.

They walk in rotating lavender. scarlet and seafoam streaks of light. Wentz watches a yellow cross float by him. iMakonnen reads the gothic lettering of “Daddy” and “Love” on the right side of him. Stump views a multi-colored spider in a section of the violet forest.

Wentz watches ghosts walk in the upper top corner of the forest. iLoveMakonnen dances by himself in the center. Above him, Stump pets an oversized dog. Wentz views the statues of Lil Peep and battles a minotaur. In another section, Wentz and Stump sit with some minotaurs. The limbs of the tree form an outline of Lil Peep’s face.

Rating: 5/5

iLoveMakonnen informs the King and Queen the goblins have been defeated. He warns of a witch in the hiding in the forest. However, the minotaurs are on guard. The witch has tried to recruit some of the disgruntled minotaurs and has succeeded in a few. The King asks for the names. He repeats the names. The King and Queen invite him to tea. He says he would be honored.

Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump talk with the ghosts. The ghosts tell them they haven’t seen Lil Peep. They say it’s possible he could’ve transformed into a creature. One of the ghosts says a maiden blessed him as a baby. The ghost assures him his spirit is in within one of the animals and he’ll be revealed once he’s accepted his death.

A moth guides iLoveMakonnen to Stump and Wentz. At the table, the Wentz recongnizes Lil Peep’s eyes in the moth. Wentz tells Lil Peep he’s missed. iLoveMakonnen tells Lil Peep he thinks of him everyday. He’s searched the forest for him and hoped a song would lead him back. The moth squeaks.

Lil Peep’s loss reverberated through the villages. The citizens from the villages had traveled for days to reach the castle. They wanted their chance to say goodbye. He was a good-hearted prince who fought for his people. He visited the villages frequently with his wife. His wife, a commoner who had lived in the remote villages, had made few public appearances since his death. Some of the citizens had reported seeing a moth flying about. His mother-in-law had known it was him and took the moth into her home. The moth had stayed for months, clearing the village of disease and harm. As the village healed, the moth returned to the castle.

Director: Andrew Donoho Year: 2019

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