Video Review: Cyndi Lauper “A Night To Remember”

In black-and-white, Cyndi Lauper, in a one shoulder dress, walks on the beach.

She lies on the hand painted stage, holding the microphone over her stomach.

She sits on the beach.

On stage, she wears a white t-shirt and denim shorts as she performs. She carries the microphone stand with her. She places her arm on the microphone stand and continues to sing. She glances at her guitarist and drummer as she sings.

A sailboat travels over the ocean as she throws up her hands.

She shakes a cymbal as she performs by the drummer.

She walks by a man sitting by on the beach.

She lies on the floor of the stage and looks up at the ceiling.

Rating: 3/5

The notes are coming out right. Cyndi Lauper puts her hand on her forehead. She tells her band to take a ten minute break. She should’ve cancelled the show. For three days straight, she has been sobbing throughout the night. She hasn’t had any sleep. The breakup has started to take its toll. Her manager asked her if she needed some time. She had told him no, thinking she could power through it with work.

Her guitarist tells her they’ll understand if she doesn’t want to perform. She says it’s too late. People are already standing outside. In an hour, she adds, she has to do a meet-and-greet. In the dressing room, she changes into one of her costumes and puts on her best smile.

Her fans tell her she’s an inspiration. One young woman cries and she gives the person a hug, saying it’s all right.  A thirtysomething man says she performs her songs at bar. He shows her a picture of him dressed as Lauper. She puts her hand to her mouth and tells the recreation of her outfits are spot-on. She talks with a couple more fans and poses for photos.

During the show, she thanks her fans for helping her feel better. She explains it’s been a long, couple days and they make it worth it. The next morning, she walks on the beach. She sees couples kissing and a some people sunbathing. She finds a payphone and tells her manager to cancel some dates. She’s emotionally exhausted and almost broke into tears last night. Her manager says she’ll contact the venues as soon as possible.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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