Video Review: Jonas Blue, Liam Payne & Lennon Stella “Polariod”

In the afternoon, Jonas Blue walks on the rooftop of a building. Lennon Stella looks out the window as she’s driven around New York City, New York. Liam Payne walks in Central Park.

On a rooftop, people dance and talk underneath the string of golden lights. A young woman passes by a young man, who takes of a photo with his camera. He smiles at her. She writes her name on the white section of the Polaroid photo. He looks at the photo in his palm and puts it in his pocket.

Stella stands on the second floor of Grand Central Station and stares at the people walking below.

While at the coffee shop, the young man takes some money out of his wallet and sees the photo he took. As he leaves the bakery with his coffee shop, he sees the young woman walking on the sidewalk.

In silhouette, Stella takes the elevator.

The young woman stops by a newsstand and leafs through a magazine. The young man rides by his bicycle and she glances over her shoulder.

Stella and Payne walk on the rooftop. Blue is playing the piano.

The young woman talks with her eight-year-old daughter at the fountain. The young man sees her and she gets up. Her daughter stands up and hugs her. His eight-year-old son runs over and he puts his arm around him. The kids sit and talk by the fountain. The young man and woman stare at one another.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young man didn’t think he was going to ever fall in love again. His late wife had told him to remarry again and that their son deserved to have a mother a few days before she died. He told her couldn’t, she was his only one. She told not to give up and keep going.

He taken up photography after she passed. It had become an outlet for his grief. His prized possession was a Polaroid camera. The aesthetic reminded him of when he was a child, dreaming of becoming an adult and the life he would have.

The young woman, though, had declared herself done with relationships. She had to protect her daughter. Although she maintained a cordial relationship with her ex-husband, she hadn’t let go of the hurt from his affair. She was polite to his new wife but kept her catty remarks to herself. Her friends set up online dating profiles and encouraged her to find someone.

The young man was the first person she had given her name and phone number to in years. She had seen his photographs showcased at a local gallery. He had been working in an office for years as an analyst. However, after his wife’s death, he became a freelance photographer. She had seen him at one of her friend’s weddings and seemed to keep running into him. She believed there was something to it and decided to give him a chance.

The young man, now her husband, cheers for her daughter at her dance recital. He tells his eight-year-son to settle down in his seat. She assures her stepson that it’ll be over soon and then they can go out for ice cream. He raises his hands in the air. He tells his son to put his hands down and says it won’t be much longer.

Director: N/A Year: 2018

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