Video Review: Monica “So Gone”

Missy Elliott leans against the beige wall of a home. Monica, wearing a white bustier and garter set, sits on a chair in a bedroom and watches her boyfriend (Derek Luke) sleep. She holds her engagement between her fingers.

At night, she drives on the expressway.

Earlier in the afternoon, she had looked under the bed. She had seen a high heel shoe and an engagement ring. She sleeps beside him.

She leans against the beige-painted wall. From the balcony of his home, she watches him walk in the driveway and get into his car. He waves goodbye to her. She takes the elevator down to the first floor. While standing at the window, she takes off her sunglasses and watches the ocean.

She and her boyfriend hug in the bedroom. In the kitchen, she opens a drawer and finds photographs of him with another woman. At night, she gets out of her parked and stands in the rain. On the bed, she cuts up her photographs in the drawer. She throws books off the shelf and opens the passageway to the closet. She takes his clothes off his racks. She throws a sculpture at the window and shatters the glass. The burglar alarm goes off as she walks away. The police arrest her. An officer holds her boyfriend back as she watches from the police car.

Rating: 3/5

Monica searches the closet for some evidence. She knows he’s seeing his ex-girlfriend again. He has told her they talk in once a while. But they seem to be too close. The photographs of his ex-girlfriend in the drawer set her off. He had still had them years later. She tears holes into his designer work clothes and rips apart his jeans. She dumps each pair of his sneakers into the toilet. He cares more about them than her.

The engagement ring, though, underneath the bed had hurt the most. It wasn’t hers. Their relationship had been a lie. She had been someone on the side while he was with the person he really loved. She’s been wasting her time. None of it matters.

Sitting in the police car, though, a part of her believed she might’ve been wrong. He seemed adamant to talk to her. It was too late, though. No reasonable explanation would appease her and she had vandalized his home. The only time she’ll be talking to him now would be through a lawyer.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2003

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