Video Review: Barry Gibb “Shine Shine”

A band plays in the backyard of the estate. A young woman, in a wedding dress, holds a glass of wine and gazes at her husband while she talks with a friend inside the home. People raise their glasses to the couple and drink. Barry Gibb walks into the home and stands by a window, staring at the young woman in the wedding dress.

The people freeze as he walks up to her. He looks at her while he stands next to her. He puts her head down and the people begin to talk again. She talks with her husband. Her husband gives her a kiss. He walks in the backyard. The maid carries a cray around the room and smiles at one of the guests.

The people dance into the backyard and freeze again. He walks up to the young woman in the wedding dress and takes her by the hands. He dances with her and walks her back to her husband. As he weaves through the guests, they start to dance again. A fortysomething couple watches several women dance by the tent.

Gibb walks on the grounds by himself and turns to face the young woman in a wedding dress and her husband standing on the balcony. The people freeze. He walks to him and sings directly to her. She turns her head to her husband and the guests continue to dance.

A thirtysomething man drinks from his flask. A server carries a tray of drinks to the tent. A young woman takes a drink from the server as she walks on the lawn. The guests freeze as he walks to the photographer. The photographer directs young woman in the wedding dress and her husband to the center. The photographer tells the people to “back it up a little bit” and asks his assistant Les to give him some tools. The photographer tells people to “get ready now” and calls out “hey you” to Gibb. He waves his hand, urging him to “come over here.” Gibbs stands in the back of the photo. The photographer says “okay” and takes the picture. Gibb holds a framed photo in his hand.

Rating: 3/5

Barry Gibb folds the thank you card and places it back in the envelope. The thank you card, in the young woman’s elegant cursive, said it was a joy he was able to there. She had written it meant a lot to both of them he was able to come. She adds she and her husband use the Mr. Coffee machine every day. It’s a part of their morning. She signs it with her new last name.

Her last name won’t ever be Gibb. The love of his life was now happily married to a rich man. She had the comforts he couldn’t give her. At one point, he believed he could live without her. She told him they would be great together. However, he preferred to play the field. He told her he’d resent her later if they dated. He continued to sleep with plenty of women as she experienced a string of short-lived relationships.

He dumped woman after woman, knowing she would be there. At a party, she introduced him to her now-husband. He shook her now husband’s hand hard and puffed up his chest. He made it clear the young woman was his. Her now-husband shrugged it off. Even as she announced her engagement, he wasn’t worried. She’d realize she was a trophy to the man she believed loved her with all his whole heart, as he had proclaimed.

The invitation had made it clear he had lost her. The closure he desired, though, was an open wound as he watched her walk down the aisle. He shouldn’t have gone. During the reception, he drank until he couldn’t stand. A family friend had gotten him a cab. He went home alone.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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