Video Review: Zayn “Stand Still”

A young woman lies on white rock while ocean waves swirl underneath her. A second young woman sits on a mountain. A young man stands in the searing sun while on the copper sand. A person stands in the middle of the snow-covered road. Water crashes to the shore, reaching the stumps of the palm trees.

The eye of a dinosaur moves within the rock. A sand mountain in desert creases. The hunter green grass on the cliffs splits into two. A bear’s face and arms form on a mountain. Two eyes form in ice. The sand mountain splits within itself and becomes bloated.

Two flowers sit on the ocean. The same featured is upside down. Mountain cliffs blend into each other. Butterfly wings fold in the center. The snow becomes a cloud in the cobalt sky. The house on the hill divides into four, turning into a broken square packed with snow.

The sand breaks into thin strips, forming a star within the ocean. A black cross forms in the ocean. The rocks break through while an develops in the circle.

Rating: 2.5/5

In the United States, there are 59 national parks. During the government shutdown in late 2018, The Guardian reported the Joshua Tree national park was sprayed with graffiti and trees were destroyed. In another story, The Guardian reported that Death Valley park terrain was ruined by tire marks.

As reported by National Geographic, there are only 30 glaciers in Glacier National Park, with those expected to melt within two decades. The Washington reported that national are the most vulnerable due to climate change. Joshua Trees were listed at risk. Wildfires ravaged through Glacier National Park.

In 2018, Hurricane Florence flooded the roads of Brunswick Town/Fort Anderson and shorelines were erased. The Bears Ears National Monument faced threats by the United States government to be sold off into pieces. The iconic beauty, featured in photographs and albums cover, may not be there tomorrow.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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