Video Review: Geri Haliwell “Look At Me”

In black-and-white, a message reads on screen “Who Is..Geri Haliwell?” A man stands on a bridge in Prague, Czech Republic. Geri Haliwell, in a wedding dress, holds a bouquet as she walks inside a church. A nun stares at her.

Haliwell, in a business suit, talks on a cell phone on the street. The word “Bitch” appears next to her as she yells. In a dress, she walks down the street and talks on the phone inside the booth. As a bride, she walks pas the bus stop. Haliwell, in the business suit, walks on the bridge.

The versions of Haliwell rotate in the phone booth.

As a nun, she smiles in the church. She smells the roses of her bouquet and walks up the steps. She kisses a baby.

People wait at the bus stop. As a nun, she drives her car and fixes her hair at stop sign. Groups of men gather in the street. As a bride, she runs into the church. People cry and wipe their eyes with tissue while a carriage carries the body of Ginger through the streets. The priest reads from the Bible at the cemetery. The pallbearers carry the casket.

In color, the Union Jack cover is pulled over her body. She laughs inside the casket.

Back in black-and-white, she performs with several dancers on the sidewalk and on the stairs.

On the screen, it reads “Geri’s back” as she gets out of the pool naked.

Rating: 2/5

The Ginger Spice persona had to die. Geri Haliwell, though, left it behind a long time ago. However, it’ll exist as a symbol of who she once was. Saying goodbye for good had been devastating. She was becoming her own person again. She could be anyone she liked.

Her ambition won’t allow her to fail. She’ll call her agent and manager every day if she has to. She’ll appear on every radio program and travel to the United States for promo. Her manager warned her she may breakthrough as easily as before. She tells them she wants to anyhow.

The innocence and greenness haven’t gone away. She’s starting all over again on her own. There are no group members to consider. It’s all her. Her manager almost kept her from signing a poor deal. The actors and male singers approach her. Some ask if they can take her out on a date. She would like to be in love. However, none of the offers seemed real. Maybe in a couple of years, once she’s established, she can take some time off and have children.

During the photo shoot, she requests a 50s couture glam theme. She wants to be the woman no one can have. Her manager informs there will be some mid-level designers. They also have hired a costume designer who can recreate whatever she wants. She puts her head down and asks if she can see what has been designed so far. Her manager says he’ll arrange a meeting.

Director: Vaughan Arnell Year: 1999

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