Video Review: Gesaffelstein & Pharrell Williams “Blast Off”

Waves flash across the royal blue winged pattern in the center circle. Dots blink on the wall as a metallic Gesaffelstein pushes buttons on the control panel.

Pharrell Williams, wearing gold sunglasses, dances by a mirror. Gesaffelstein watches dotted blue hands move back and forth on the screen. Two human hands rise from the pale white screen. The human hands clap. The dotted blue hands clap on the other screen.

A body forms from the black dots on the screen. Two bodies twist together. Gaeffelstein changes the color to sky blue and chartreuse. A red light turns on, changing the color of the dotted bodies. The red light travels in a single line, creating an advanced winged pattern.

Williams looks up, his eyes closed as light shines in the room. A golden skeleton appears on screen. He opens his eyes. A blinding glow has replaced his original eyes. A royal blue mold is created of his head.

Lit in royal blue, Williams continues to dance in the room. He raises his arm and the color rotates to a light gold. The mold of his head turns gold. He taps his watch.

Gesaffelstein walks up the pale white screen.

Rating: 3/5

Pharrell Williams started in speaking in zeros and ones. Gesaffelstein pushed record on the panel. The procedure was to enhance his eyesight. The orange glow was hadn’t dulled within his eyes. Gesaffelstein looks up at the dotted bodies on the screen, who begin to talk. He types on his computer. The code needs to be corrected.e shuts down the screens. Williams puts his head down, his body limp.

Restarting may slow down the main issue. The original intention for Williams was to be a model for the computerized people. He was not to become a host. He logs onto the computer and turns on the screens again. At the control panel, he presses the button for Williams.

Williams speaks in English again. He looks at his hands and asks how long he was out. Gesaffelstein responds it was only an hour. Williams says he feels different, almost mechanical as he moves his limbs. Gesaffelstein says he’s trying to fix it.

The dotted bodies climb from the screen and Williams jumps. Gesaffelstein pushes all the buttons again. An error message appears on the screen, stating a script can’t be read. The dotted bodies freeze and flash. Gesaffelstein instructs Williams to stay still. He deletes the dotted bodies and watches as Williams eyes return to normal.

Director: Warren Fu Year: 2019

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