Video Review: LSD “No New Friends”

Labrinth looks up at the red tulips as he walks along the rose-pink path of the garden. He almost trips as he sees an oversized young woman (Maddie Ziegler). The oversized young woman smiles at him. She bends down to see him and teaches him an elaborate handshake. She picks him up in her palm.

While he sits in the garden, she entertains him with a finger dance. They play peek-a-boo by the trees and lie in the field together. She points at a butterfly. It lands on Labrinth’s hand.

Small versions of the young woman dance in the field. The young woman claps. Diplo, inside a yellow ruff, smiles as rays of light shine from above his head. At night, Diplo, inside a whit ruff, yawns.

Diplo sets his foot down on the field. The young woman looks up to see a gigantic Diplo. Diplo sets his cane down and does the elaborate handshake. Diplo holds the young woman in his palm.

Rating: 2/5

There had been no one around for miles. Labrinth had called out for help as he walked on the pastel paths. He had strayed from his town while out with his friends. He had taken the wrong turn and had ended up in neon green fields.

Past the neon green field was where the giants lived. Since he was a child, he was told not to venture past the wooden fence. However, he needed help. The giants may be able to give him directions. In the garden, he eats some herbs and burrows in a flower for sips honey.

An oversized young woman welcomed him to her home. She told him he was her only friend and adopted him. She feed him some of her food and played peek-a-boo with him. If he wandered too far, she gently touched his back and led him back to her. Although he had become a pet, he was grateful to have someone taking care of him.

She had often talked to him about the titans who traveled through the area. They were rare but friendly. She explained to him they lived in the sky. They only came down to earth if someone had made a wish. She told them made a wish sometime ago. However, they are selective about the wishes they grant. It could take years.

On a spring day, Diplo bowed down from the heavens and told the young woman the goddess up above wanted her to go on a journey. She would be able to find her wish at her end. A tear rolled down her cheek. She says she can’t leave Labrinth behind. Diplo nods and tells her Labrinth is expected to join them. Diplo picks her up and tells them to close their eyes.

Director: Dano Cerny Year: 2019

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