Video Review: Madonna “Get Together (European Version)”

Sparkles fly above ruby red strings as they race on the ground. Madonna lies face down on the field and spirals in the air. She lands on the ground with a thud, knocking down the infected trees.

Painted in baby blue, she holds her up arm, her nose touching her shoulder. She stands in between the bubblegum pink waves. Baby blue fish bounce past her. Glittery berry rips through the air and float by her. She sings by a lavender mountain. A mechanical bird flaps it wings.

Painted in candy apple red, people dance among maroon circles. They continue to dance on stretches of wood. The sun shines in bright burst of yellow. Painted in baby blue, she spins around as swirls of aqua twist in the sky. Painted in lavender, people dance on limbs of trees.

The neon pink strips sail in the sky as it develops a city. Madonna rolls on street. A skyscraper is in the distance. She puts her arm up while pieces of rock swirl behind her. Water bubbles near her feet. People dance on the street as strips of color outline their movements. White lights dot the city. Streaks of light strike the ground. She sings on top of a building in the city with a pockmarked moon hanging behind her.

Rating: 5/5

The Earth started with one thunderous beat. The power of beat materialized underground as string of cells.  Diseased trees stand limp in the deserted area. Streaks of light created a rush of flowing water and formed an ocean. Within the ocean, several species of fish evolved. The water and plants in the deserted area designed a natural wonder. Mountains were etched in fine detail. Patches of grass provided food for the species who gained legs.

Crystal spots and swirls of color dominate the modern world. Humans dance without abandon by bridges and on the roads. Unseen people eat at the diners and attend events in the well-run city. The ideal city is clear of pollution and thrives with little traffic. Large skyscrapers provide jobs for people. Futuristic transportation allows people to leave and visit other areas.

Nonetheless, during its development, several natural wonders were ruined and destroyed for the metal buildings. The rebellion shed the city of greedy investors and reformed the government. Its dedication to safety has turned it one of the most secretive areas of the world. For the few that know of its existence, they wait on the growing list and hope for that fateful call.

Director: N/A Year: 2006

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