Video Review: Chico DeBarge “Girl Next Door”

Lavender light streams through the doorknob. A shirtless Chico DeBarge opens it. Within the smoke, he sees a young woman dance against a slate background. He runs up to her and places his hand on the sheet of glass, separating them. He sits up in bed, wide awake from his dream.

He rests his arm on the chair and looks out the window. He moves the curtain and stands on his balcony. On the sidewalk, he walks past a mannequin. The young woman dances by a gate. People dance in the street. He moves his shoulders while by a diner. He dances by the Chirpin’ Blues club.

He calls a friend in the phone booth. He holds onto a street pole. A group of people dance underneath a lit up arch. The young woman and DeBarge stare at one another. He kisses her in the waves. He rolls over by himself as the waves soak him. He sits up in bed again. He wanders around his bedroom and moves the curtain. He continues to look out the window.

Rating: 2/5

It’s the same dream, almost every night. Chico DeBarge hangs out in the city, searching for the young woman who he was supposed to meet. However, he can’t find her anywhere. He walks to the Chirpin’ Blues club and orders a drink. As he listens to the jazz band, he scans the audience for the young woman. Someone had told him she loves jazz and can be found in one of the local clubs during the weekend. He asks the bartender if he knows her. He says she may be at the diner.

He stands in the parking lot of the diner, dancing. People join in the routine. A few people tell they are good friends of hers and hope they run into each other. DeBarge continues to walk throughout the night. He believes he sees her at a lit up arch. She appears in front of him without any movement.

A loud noise wakes him up. Unable to fall back to sleep, he paces around his bedroom. It seems as though she was right there with him. He puts on a t-shirt and gets his wallet. He presses the first floor on the elevator. In the lobby, he sees her walking in, shaking her hair out from the rain. He waves to her. She asks him what’s he doing up. He tells her he couldn’t sleep. She nods, saying she couldn’t either and wanted to take a walk. She adds she’s craving ice cream but doesn’t have any in her apartment. He says he has some and invites her to his apartment. She answers with “that’s great” and says she’ll get the sprinkles from her apartment.

It’s real. It’s actually happening. He fixes the pillows on the couch and cleans the counter. She knocks on the door and he smiles to himself.

Director: N/A Year: 1986

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