Video Review: Duffy “Stepping Stone”

Duffy lies in bed, staring at her fingers as a young man walks around in her bedroom. She watches as he laces up his shoes Holding the sheet up to her naked chest, she sits up in bed and avoids his gaze while he gets his watch. She pulls some strands of hair back as she continues to sit up in bed.

After he leaves, she takes off the sheet and changes into a red dress. She sits on the couch and paints her toenails on the edge of the bathtub. She puts on a denim shrug and drinks a cup of tea as she walks in the bathroom. She sits at the kitchen table and continues to drink her tea. She reads some of her book and sets it back on the table. She looks out the kitchen window.

At night, she walks down the stairs of her apartment building. She carries a plastic bag and drinks a bottle milk as she walks past a building. Back home, she puts her hair up in a ponytail and brushes red lipstick on her lips. While walking on the sidewalk, she stares at her reflection in a store window.

She walks downstairs into a bar. She glances at a young man as she holds her drink in the corner. She sits down and several men stare at her. A young man in tan boots walks down the stairs and she eyeballs him.

Rating: 4/5

Duffy bumps the table and apologizes to the two men sitting next to her. She opens her purse and gets out some napkins. As she wipes the table, one of the men tells her it’s fine. She gives them a small napkin and holds the wet napkin by her purse. She walks to the counter and sees the young man in tan boots.

The young man in tan boots turns his head towards her and sips his drink. He returns to his conversation with the young woman. He won’t admit they have something going on between them. She knows their secret. She can still feel the heat of his breath on his neck as they kissed against the brick wall of the bar. The young woman, though, was an American from New York. Her last name was a well-known product. She clearly was his choice.

She covers her arms with a jacket as she smokes a cigarette on her break. In the parking lot, she sees a familiar car search for a spot in the full lot. The young man in tan boots gets out of his truck alone and stares at her while he walks to the entrance of the bar. She drops her cigarette on the ground and puts it out with her sneaker.

The host tells her someone is waiting to be put her in her section. She glances at the line and sees the young man standing behind a family of four. He stares at her while the host leads him to the table. She gazes at him while fills a basket with rolls. She takes a deep breath as she walks to the table. Getting out her pad and pen, she asks him what he wants. He looks up at her and says “only you.”

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 2008


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