Video Review: Ellie Goulding “Sixteen”

Ellie Goulding drives in a tunnel and stops her car.

At 16 years old, she sits on her bed. She looks at herself in the mirror. In the bathroom, she douses her toothbrush in toothpaste. She twists her hair and gets her backpack. The garage door opens of her house. Her best friend waits for her in the driveway. She runs towards to her best friend and they run on the sidewalk.

She and her best friend climb a tower. They walk into a covenience store. She watches the clerk while her best friend hides a bottle of liquor under her jacket. Her best friend takes her hand and pulls her out of the store.

In the backseat, her best friend hands her a cigarette.

They play on the swings. Her best friend rolls a joint. She drinks from the liquor bottle. They take off their tops. Her best friend throws the liquor bottle at the column of the overpass.

She and her best friend dance in the car.

She and her best friend dance in their sweatshirts and jeans by the overpass. They play a shooting game at the arcade. She notices a young man checking her out. They both walk over to the young man and his friend. She leaves with the young man and kisses him in the stock room. She runs back to her best friend, who is making out his friend while sitting at a table and pulls her away. Her best friend waves goodbye to his friend.

Stil at 16 years old, she rests her head on her best friend’s shoulder as they stand in the field. In the family room, her mother gives her a lecture.  She and her best friend sit on a bench in the park. She holds her best friend’s hand as she gets a tattoo. Her best friends sits with her as she gets her tattoo.

In the tunnel, she watches her 16-year-old self and best friend walk past them.

Rating: 5/5

Ellie Goulding points to the field and asks her best friend if she remembers hiding there one time as they changed. Her best friends nods her head yes. She adds that they didn’t think about the creeps back then. Her best friend points to the park and says they used to get so drunk there. Goulding bursts out laughing, saying she returned home hangover. Her mother grounded her from hanging out with her a week. Her best friend says, “that it didn’t work” and adds, “we were lucky we didn’t get arrested.”

Her best friend smoke a joint in the backseat. Goulding says she misses those days. Her best friend coughs and passes her the joint. Her best friend says there were some awful days, though. Goulding says junior year was rough without her. She was getting into trouble at her new school and failing her classes. Her best friend puts her hand on her shoulder and says her family was planning to step in, though. Her parents disagreed with the move. They thought it could’ve been handled better. Goulding says her parents realized they had no choice but to let her live with her family. Her best friend remarks that it was a crazy year.

Goulding puts her hands on the steering wheel and comments that the years seemed longer back then. Her best friend responds they had time to sit back and take in life. They had multiple breaks during the year and they could breathe. Her best friend lists off her responsibilities and says it’s endless. Goulding says it’s her first day in months. Her best friend opens the car door and says “beat you to the swing set.” Goulding takes the key out of her and runs with her best friend to the playground.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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