Video Review: Dean Lewis “Stay Awake”

While driving the car, Dean Lewis puts his arm around his girlfriend. They sing along to the radio as they pass The Joshua Tree National Park.

Lewis stands in the park as the sun sets.

They stop at the Four Aces gas station. She spins a rainbow pinwheel and tries on sunglasses. The clerk looks up from the register. They drive off.

She falls asleep. She hits the fuzzy dice as he holds the string. They stop at a motel. The clerk directs them to their room. She flops on the bed. They dance. He plays guitar as they cuddle in bed. In the morning, she throws her suitcase in the truck.

Lewis continues to drive. He points out a Joshua Tree and they stop at Four Aces again. She waits outside while he asks directions from the clerk. She holds the map as he drives. They pass by the motel again.

Shielding her eyes, she sees the same Joshua Tree and points to the map. At the Four Aces, he spreads out the map on the counter and asks for the clerk’s help. They leave again and drive around in a circle two more times. The clerk sees them outside the gas station as they leave.

He bangs the steering as she argues with them in the motel parking lot. The clerk directs them to their room as they walk in silence. They sit at the table inside the room. He points out the roads on the map. They sit on the end of the bed and argue. They hold one another and sway.

In the morning, he opens the trunk and closes it. He puts his arm around her and gives her a kiss on her head. He drives off as she walks in the opposite direction.

Rating: 2/5

Dean Lewis downloads the GPS app on his cell phone. It was what he should’ve done in the first place. Instead, he choose to be old-fashioned and not rely on technology. He had deleted his social media and shopping apps. He mostly talked with his family and girlfriend, anyhow. Although it was convenient to grocery shop through the app, he and his girlfriend could handle it on the weekends.

She pushed back on the “no shopping” rule. He explained that can both make time to go. He adds they are young, healthy and capable. She had pointed out that she’d have to rearrange her schedule. The extra hour gave her some time to relax and maybe catch up on a television show.

During the trip, she had mentioned the GPS the third time they got turned around. He insisted on asking for directions and buying a map. He said it would save time from charging their phones all the time at various spots. She said he’s wasting just as much on gas. The clerk had even brought up the GPS to him. However, he told him he wanted to be old-fashioned. The clerk simply answered “okay” and continued to repeat the directions he gave to him three hours ago. He puts his hand on his forehead and posts an inspirational quote on his social media.

Director: Stevie Russell Year: 2019

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