Video Review: New Edition “Cool It Now”

Ralph, Mike, Bobby, Ronnie and Ricky play basketball on the court. Young women watch as Ralph scores a point. Ralph stares at his girlfriend while they continue to play. Mike throws the basketball at his back to get his attention. Ralph explains he really likes her as she smiles by the fence. He leans against the fence and watches her walk away.

Ralph hugs her at the beach while the sun sets.

Mike, Bobby, Ronnie and Ricky stand together and tell him to knock it off.

Ralph holds his girlfriend’s hand as they take a walk in the neighborhood.

Ralph sits at the round seating area in the park by himself. They continue to tell him to leave her. He walks away and sits on the stoop. They sit down next to him and listen. He stands up for himself while walking back to the basketball court. They point their fingers at him. Ralph mocks them while several young women walk to the basketball court.

Mike, Bobby, Ricky and Ronnie put their arms around the young women they like. Ralph dribbles the basketball. His girlfriend taps him on the shoulder and he puts his arm around her.

Rating: 5/5

Ralph glances around the court. Bobby asks him what’s wrong. He answers that he’s waiting for his girlfriend. Bobby shakes his head. Ralph gives the side-eye to him and says he really loves her. Bobby laughs, saying he’s settling for the first pretty girl. Ricky, Ronnie and Mike agree. They tell him to play the field.

Ralph says they don’t get it and are just too immature. He says they will all meet one girl they can’t live without. They laugh at him, saying they are only in their teens. They aren’t looking for love. Ralph says they are more important things than sex.

They follow him as he walks away. They say he’s boring and acts like an adult all the time. They say they don’t need a chaperone. He says they are going to learn someday. Bobby says they all need to settle down and cool off. Some girls call out their names. Ricky, Bobby, Ronnie and MIke turn around. They greet the girls and leave with them.

Ralph’s girlfriend says not to worry about they think. It’s not up to him to raise them. They have parents for that. He has think about himself, too. Ralph explains he wants to protect them. They are like brothers to him. She gives him a kiss and says she loves for being so kind.

Director: N/A Year: 1984

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