Video Review: Danity Kane “Damaged”

A silver winged machine opens. Shannon lies on her metal bed.

Aubrey, Shannon, D., Aundrea and Dawn dance against a hot pink background.

D. touches her leg in her metal bed. Shannon touches her face and arches her back. She moves her legs back and forth. On it monitor, she watches the group perform the against the hot pink background. She puts her arms across her chest. The metal beds close and form into a shape of a heart.

Aubrey hangs up one of the x-rays on the screen. D. takes a look at it.

On the hospital bed, the young man turns his head from side to side as they prepare to operate. A heart blinks within the x-ray. A metal heart closes and he stops breathing. They put their hands on his chest to start his heart. They remove their masks and put their gloves on his chest. He wakes up and reads the note left on his chest. It reads: “Tired of the damage.”

Against the hot pink background, they walk backwards and turn around.

Rating: 3.5/5

Aubrey puts her hands on her forehead and says the procedure is vital for the young man. D. says the procedure is a band-aid. She adds that he has the requirements for a transplant and shuts her folder. Dawn says they can make an exception. The metal heart has limited his ability to love. The heart is salvageable and he can go on to have a healthy life after the procedure. D. responds his heart won’t be able to take it. It’s far too simple. The procedure is for people who haven’t experienced severe tears on the heart. The medical director says they should take a break and return after lunch. He says they have to reach a decision by 5 p.m. today. Otherwise, the delay will cause the man’s health to deteriorate.

The young man asks the nurse if the surgery has been approved yet. The nurse says the board and doctors are currently in a meeting discussing it. She hasn’t heard any new information. He says he hopes he can get the surgery. He knows he’s been a distant boyfriend to a few women. He didn’t realize he had a genetic defect until he had some chest pain after a breakup. The medication has been helping. He’s been dating his girlfriend for a year without any trouble. The nurse says she hopes they rule in his favor.

The metal in his heart begins to dissolve after the surgery. He returns to the hospital for his one of his check-ups  and thanks the nurses with flowers. He tells them he’s going to get married within a few months. The nurse says it’s good to see him up and walking without having a hard time breathing. He says he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to have a genuine relationship in his life. The surgery changed his life for the better. The nurse says she knew he was a fighter and was glad he was given another chance. He says he has to see his cardiologist and see how much of the metal has drained. The nurse tells him good luck. He tells her goodbye and waves goodbye to everyone.

Director: Syndrome Year: 2008

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