Video Review: Zayn “Sour Diesel”

Inside a home, the gangster holds up the sculpture of a lion head and says it’s “beautiful.” A young man in the head behind him. The gangster places it in his display case.

Zayn washes his face in the bathroom and puts black makeup over his eyes. He puts on his leather jacket and helmet. He walks up to the driveway with his female associate. His associate walks to the right side as he enters the home. As he waves the flashlight in the family room, a henchman jumps him. Zayn hits him the flashlight and kicks him. He knocks him out on the floor.

Moving the curtain, he walks past the kitchen and to the foyer. A henchman turns around and Zayn starts to fight him. Another henchman kicks Zayn. Zayn whips him the flashlight and reaches for the opening of the display case. He fends the second henchman off and grabs the sculpture of a lion head.

Several women touch his back as he crawls out of bed. A third henchmen elbows his way through the women while they walk out of the bedroom. Zayn punches out the third henchman out by a hanging plastic sheet inside another room. He slides down the banister and hits the fourth henchman. He pours gasoline by the stairs.

Zayn slides the gun on the floor inside the study. The gangster picks up and Zayn kicks him in the face. He crawls on the floor and hides behind the curtain. The gangster kicks him walks by the curtain. The gangster punches him in the stomach. Zayn lands against the wall. The gangster takes off Zayn’s helmet and punches in his head multiple times. He drags Zayn across the floor and puts his hand on his throat. The gangster takes the sculpture of the lion head. His female associate walks behind the gangster and places her knife across his neck. His female associate fights him. Zayn pops up behind the gangster and punches him out. Zayn takes back the sculpture of the lion head and walks away.

Rating: 5/5

A crime syndicate had taken over the city. Priceless art had been stolen from the museum. New lofts had been burned down as well as a few other developments. People were being shot at gunpoint for their jewelry. The chief of police had given the citizens a curfew. Businesses were suffering and sports game had been cancelled.

Zayn listened to his scanner as he poured himself some milk in the kitchen. A few vague calls from the police had caught his attention. It seemed to be covering up some information. His female associate believes they are the police officers involved in the crime syndicate. Her sources have had their suspicions and the calls had confirmed it for her. She tells him they need to go now.

At the gangster’s house, he nods to his female associate and hopes she’s able to find him again. There’s the one time they won’t survive. Each time he wants to say he loves her. However, he has to hope there will be another crime to solve.

He returns the sculpture of the lion head back to the police. The chief of police pulls him aside and tells him he has to let his department work on the investigation. He tells the chief of police the main problem is inside the department and he knows who it is. The chief of police asks him to give him their names. Zayn puts on his sunglasses and says the police department needs to work on its investigation.

Director: Sing J Lee Year: 2018

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