Video Review: Cher “Believe”

Lit in royal blue, Cher closes her eyes and spreads her hands in prayer inside the glass cube. A young woman gets out of her friend’s car. They see her as they walk into the club. Cher’s eyes glow. The young woman and her friends hang out by the glass cube.

The young woman walks onto the dancefloor. She and crush stare at one another. The young woman sits a table with her friends and drinks. She raises her head as she sees him pass by the table. He glances at her as he takes his girlfriend’s hand.

Cher rests her head on a twentysomething woman’s shoulder. Cher performs on stage.

The young woman walks down the stairs of the club and watches as her crush dances with his girlfriend. She puts her head down as his girlfriend touches his hair. The young woman turns around and leaves. On the stairs, he sees her walking to her table.

In the rain, she walks up the fire escape. She sighs on the rooftop and sees her crush holding his girlfriend’s hand below. Cher materializes behind her. A blast of white light allows she and Cher to trade bodies. Cher stands on the rooftop while the young woman walks away.

Rating: 2/5

The young woman was really trying to move on from her crush. Cher had watched the young woman’s crush flirt with her every weekend and kiss her in the corners. However, he refused to acknowledge any of feelings for her. It was as though he was embarrassed of her. The young woman returned to the table, her head down. Cher decided to get involved. With a blink of her eyes, she was able to get her crush out of the young woman’s view.

The young man, though, aggravated the situation. Even though he was with his girlfriend, he continued to stare at the young woman. Cher had seen the young woman’s face fall as he give her some hope and then take it away. The young woman had never talked to her. It seemed as though she was intimidated by her. However, Cher saw her like a daughter and wanted to look out for her.

On the rooftop, she sees the young woman waiting. Her crush takes it for granted she’ll be in love with him forever. Cher gives her strength and experience she gained over the years. The young woman was dealing with plenty of hurt. She prefers for it to be her burden. The young woman gives her a look of recognition and returns to her apartment. Cher knows she did the right thing.

Director: Nigel Dick Year: 1999


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