Video Review: George Ezra “Pretty Shining People”

George Ezra sits in the lobby at the headquarters of a record label in London, England. He glances at the gold records on the wall and stares at his demo.

An eight-year-old girl shakes his hand and leads him to the audition room. He plays the guitar as the other eight-year-old children sit at the table, typing on their laptops or tablets. An eight-year-old gives a presentation on how to market Ezra.

Two little girls teach him how to handle the paparazzi. One of the little girls holds up a signs stating the proper smile needed. He poses for the photographers. The second little girl moves the muscles in his face. He changes into a camouflage jumpsuit. He learns choreography with several of the children.

The children dance in the audition room as he sings.

He takes a selfie with the two little girls. The eight-year-old who delivered the presentation shows him mock-ups of his cover art.

The children clap for him. Ezra signs the recording contract.

Rating: 3/5

George Ezra writes down some questions as he listens to a member of the marketing team. The young woman says although he has gained a wider audience with his new album, she tells children still haven’t responded to his music. She explains that parents and older siblings help determine a child’s taste. Ticket sales for his last tour were mainly twentysomething men and married women under 40. The young woman says they will be holding a focus group with children to get their opinions.

Ezra says hello the children. One child says she’s he’s his boss today and says her favorite song is from a cartoon show. He nods and says he think he can sing it. He tries to sing it and the children cover their ears. One of the boys in the back says he’s dressed like his dad when they visit family over the holidays. A second little boy thinks he’s boring. A little girl suggests he make dance music. He thanks the kids for the comments and schedules another meeting with the marketing team.

The young woman on the marketing team tells him they have commissioned his singles to a few DJ’s. They are going to post the remixes online to help boost sales.  A young man says they have hired a stylist for him. The young woman adds they have scheduled him to appear on some children’s programs. The young man tells him he’s going to be a superstar and pats him on the back.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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