Video Review: Allure & 112 “All Cried Out”

Lalisha drives her friends, Akissa, Alia and Linnie, to the cabin. Lalisha sits with her boyfriend, Daron on a limb. He gives her a bracelet and puts it around her wrist. Wearing a dress, she stands in the forest by herself. They cuddle against his car. His pager beeps and they read the messages.

Lalisha parks the car on the leaves. They each take their suitcases into the cabin.

A helicopter flies over the lake. Q, Daron, Slim and Mike sing in the forest. Q, Daron, Slim and Mike grab their luggage as they walk out of the helicopter. Akissa, Alia, Linnie, and Lalisha hang out in the family room. Q, Daron, Slim and Mike walk into the cabin. Lalisha glares at them.

On his car, Lalisha reads a handwritten note and throws it away. In the cabin, she leaves the room. Slim holds Daron back.

Daron talks to Lalisha while they all stand in the forest together.

Rating: 3,5/5

Lalisha shakes her head at Akissa in the kitchen. She tells Akissa that Daron has to leave now. She can’t be in the same room with him. Akissa tells her to at least talk to him. Lalisha wants to know who’s side she’s on. Akissa puts her hands up and says she’s on her side. However, Daron seems apologetic.

Linnie looks up as Lalisha walks back into the room. Q says they’ll go home. He needs to use the phone, though. Lalisha tells him to stay and that it doesn’t matter. She turns on the television and doesn’t say a word for a few hours.

Daron slices some peppers and says it was a bad idea coming here. Akissa pats him on the back and tells him to give her some time. Q asks Akissa if he should any more seasoning to the sauce. Akissa adds some spices into it. Daron says he hopes Lalisha will eat dinner with them. Linnie giggles, says she’s going to have eat sometime. She adds there is no way she’s going to drive back into the city for food.

After lunch, Akissa says they are all going to take a walk together. On the walk, Daron asks Lalisha if they can talk in private. He explains to her that he didn’t really even read the note. He never responded to the other young woman. Lalisha asks how he got the note in the first place. He said Mike gave it to him and that it thought it was about work. He wouldn’t have shown her the note if there was something explicit on it. Lalisha nods and says it makes sense. Daron holds her close as they walk.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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