Video Review: Ciara & 50 Cent “Can’t Leave ‘Em Alone”

In Atlanta, Georgia, radio DJ, Greg Street, calls out “what’s crackling, Hotlanta” and comments “it’s the hottest damn day of the year.” He adds “it’s 99 degrees in the shade.” On a rooftop, a young woman fans herself and lifts up her arms as she stands by a fan. He introduces the new Ciara song. A young man drinks Vitamin Zero water. 50 Cent stands by his car and raps in the street.

Ciara walks down the street and waves to a some kids at the bicycle rack. She says “hi” to a baby while the mother lets it sip from the straw. She waves “hello” to one of her friends standing by her car. A second friend walks out of the house and joins the conversation as Ciara leans against the car. She takes a picture of her friends with a digital camera. Leaning against a brick wall, she calls 50 Cent on her cell phone.

Against a white background, 50 Cent listens as she talks.

Ciara and 50 Cent hug one another against a black background.

At night, 50 Cent drives his car.

He puts his arm around his waist as they walk on the rooftop. They sit at the table. She puts her hand underneath her chin as she listen to him talk. Ciara dances against the brick wall of the building.

She continues to hug 50 Cent against the black background.

Rating: 3/5

50 Cent gives her a designer diamond bracelet at dinner. Ciara doesn’t ask where he got it or how he got the money.  She has her suspicions it was stolen and tells him she loves it. He says the sales clerk helped him pick it out. As they sip wine and eat dinner, she tells him about one of her co-workers who has been making up rumors about her. She says she’s gone to human resources but nothing has been done. 50 Cent nods and asks for the check.

Ciara gasps as she hears the news about her co-worker. Her co-worker is in the hospital after being beaten up in the parking lot. Her manager says they are looking for the people who did it. She, however, is in a medically induced coma and the doctors don’t know the extent of the damage to her brain. Ciara backspaces the note in the computer and asks the customer to repeat the question. She contributes money to get her some flowers and signs the card for her.

50 Cent holds her hand as they take a walk. He asks her about her work and she says everything is fine. He wants to know if her co-worker is bothering her. She answers that she’s in the hospital and her manager isn’t sure she’s coming back to work. 50 Cent stares straight ahead and says she got what she deserved. Ciara looks down and at the store windows. She points to a clothing store display. He leads her into the store.

Director: Fat Cats Year: 2007

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