Video Review: Mark Ronson & Lykke Li “Late Night Feelings”

Lykke Li sits up in the bathtub. She walks up the mirror and wipes off the steam with her hand. Sitting on the counter, she sips a glass of wine as she stares at a framed photo of Mark Ronson.

Wearing a lava red wig, she sings, her face obscured. Splits in the mirror multiply the versions of herself.

She takes off her towel in front of the framed photo.

Wearing a sheer amaranth red dress with fur-trimmed sleeves, she dries her hair with a fan.

Against an ice blue background, liquid is poured into a glass. A cherry drops in it.

In the lava red wig, she dances against the mirror. Cigarette in her mouth and sunglasses on her face, she conducts the song with her finger. She lies on the bed and exhales. She walks down the stairs and looks at her framed photos of Ronson hanging on the wall.

Lying on the bed, she watches Ronson perform on television and pops a pill. She sinks into her bed.

Lit in lavender, she sits in the bathtub on the ceiling and the floor. She dances in the bedroom as he performs and kisses the television.

She walks on stage and dances with him on television.

She continues to dance in the bedroom.

Rating: 4/5

Lykke Li puts on ruby red lipstick. She had read in a magazine red was his favorite color. He also liked to old 50s and glamour. She threw out her wardrobe of jeans and plain t-shirts. Her closet had blouses with sequins and skirts with ruffles. She doesn’t leave the house without a necklace around her neck. The same piece is never worn twice. She has to dressed at her best. Ronson is her fiance.

He takes starlets to movie premieres and talks about his girlfriends in interviews. It’s a front for her relationship with him. She tells her friends it has to be kept secret. He really wants to live a private life with her. However, his managers are overworking him and stealing his money. She says they’ll be together once he gives her the okay.

Every day she waits. She picks her phone and heaves a sigh when it’s mother. She tells her mom she can’t talk long. Ronson will be calling her soon. Her mother asks her about Ronson and she says he’s doing okay. She tells her mom they are planning their wedding. Her mother congratulates her. She instructs her mother that he has hired a wedding coordinator and she doesn’t accept outside areas. Her mother says that’s fine. She tells her mother she misses him and hates that he has to be away for so long. Her mother tells her he’ll be home in a few weeks. She says she wants to surprise him. Her mother says she doesn’t have to do anything special for him. She hangs up the phone on her mother.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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