Video Review: Lizzo “Juice”

A topless Lizzo smiles as she stands against a brick red background. A shirtless young man smiles. They put their hands on each other’s bodies. A bottle of Juice lotion sits on a table.

The graying fiftysomething late night host of “The Juice Show” claps at his desk as Lizzo walks onto the stage. She sits in the chair by his desk.

She lifts a barbell and leads a fitness video.

On the shopping network, she advertises her “My Juice” line of creams and moisturizers.

She and her boyfriend watch her fitness video. He touches her thigh as she changes the channel with the remote. She grabs the phone out of his hand and watches a video of herself online.

In the video, she sings by a microphone. She taps a giant diamond ring on her finger and bites into some rope. She drinks her Juice soda from the straw and taps it with her long fingernails.

Against the brick red background, the young man pours lotion into her hands. On the couch, her boyfriend slaps her butt.

She performs on the late night talk show.

The shopping network gives the phone number to call to order the beauty products.

Rating: 5/5

Lizzo created her own empire. She helped develop safe beauty products for women and sold some of it to her friends at her nursing job. On her days off, she went to the small businesses and pitched her product to them. Only one store decided to stock her product. It sold out within weeks. The owner called her, wanting to know if she could send him another order.

A news reporter tried her product and contacted her for a story. Her feature on the business page generated the interest needed to quit her full-time job. She demonstrated her products on the shopping network. The network executives realized whenever people chatted her with her and she gave her straightforward opinion, sales went up. They let Lizzo talk as much as she wanted, even if it wasn’t about the product.

Men approached her wherever she went. She had a few men in a couple of cities. None of them knew about the other. They were sweet and kind to her. However, she reminded them they weren’t getting any of her hard-earned money and to be on their way if that it was the intent. The men knew their place.

In five years, she had a line of clothing, perfume, several successful fitness videos and a hit album. She was an anomaly. The thinkpieces focused on her strong personality and if it could damage her brand. The late night talk show hosts, intimidated by her, stumbled whenever she spoke to them. Someone else sold her products on the shopping networks now and she selected the designers for her photo shoots. She was self-made, which gave her the power to take down the men humoring her and gained her the respect of the public.

Director: Quinn Wilson Year: 2019

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