Video Review: Savage Garden “I Want You”

In a a warehouse, a white screen counts down to one. Painted in white, Darren opens his eyes as his face appears. The screen states “Stand By.” An outline of Daniel’s face appears.

Daniel plays the keyboards. Darren presses the controls for the television. He rests his head in the virtual reality headset. He watches the version of himself lit in white sing back to him.

A young woman turns around and watches the television. In silhouette, Daniel plays guitar on screen. The young woman hits the television. In silhouette, two versions of Darren sing into the microphone on screen. The young woman turns the dial on the side of the television. She moves around the bunny ears.

“Signal Interrupted” appears on screen. The young woman stares at her sweater and jeans as she stands against te white background. Daniel and Darren watch her sing into the microphone. She sits back in her chair, holding the microphone to her chest. A message reads on screen that the “Signal restored.”

Daniel and Darren continue to perform. The young woman reads a message  on her television that “Transmission complete.”

Rating: 2/5

The signal didn’t go far. Darren had toyed with buttons once he and Daniel stepped into the warehouse. It seemed to be a prototype for a virtual reality product. It took a few hours to set it up. He and Daniel had questioned the illustrations, wondering if it was actually real. Daniel said it was worth a try. Darren had mocked the vague warnings about “careful of overpowering the virtually reality machine. You may land somewhere unknown.”

Darren sang into the set and was floored by the image of himself. He had placed himself in art with an emphasis on himself. He thought it would be him inside a well-known painting. He didn’t think it would render a portrait of himself.

A young woman tries to communicate with them. She somehow ends up on screen. Darren asks Daniel “who is that and what did we do?” They scramble for the instructions and realize their signal was able to go into the next room. They try to talk to her but she is unable to hear them.

Daniel and Darren unplug the chords and pack the machine in their car. Daniel says the company must’ve thought it didn’t work. Darren says he thought it was rejected. He thinks maybe the programming is still off. Daniel replies he can modify it, given some time. Darren says he’s going over the booklet again to find some hidden features.

Director: N/A Year: 1997

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