Video Review: Natalie “Goin’ Crazy”

In the driveway, Natalie walks him to her boyfriend as he packs his suitcases in the car. She tells him “I’m happy for you and I want it for you but why…” He cuts her off, saying “we’ve been through this before. You know how long I’ve been on the grind for this.” He holds her hands as he leaves, telling “I’ll be back.” She puts her head down.

She walks in the neighborhood. Two twentysomething guys pass her as they ride their bicycles.

She leans against the wall of a building. Two fortysomething play poker on a card table across from her.

A dog barks at her from its gate while she leans against a pole. Police officers run towards a house. She looks at young man talking on his cell phone. She runs her hand along a gate. A van stops in the driveway as she walks past it. The thirtysomething man yells at her.

She passes a couple arguing in front of a store. The young woman throws a bouquet of flowers on the ground. Three 16-year-old girls run out of a store. A fortysomething woman carries two plastic bags of groceries as she walks out of the store. The second young man runs into her. She drops all her groceries on the floor and glares at the second young man.

A third young man washes his face with the water from the fire hydrant. A fourth young man knocks over a vendor’s display of vegetables with his bicycle. Two taxi drivers argue with one another.

Natalie walks inside her house and watches her boyfriend’s interview on television. He thanks the reporter having inviting him on the show and comments “the tour is going great.” The reporter asks him about the negatives of touring. He answers “the hardest thing about touring right now is being away from my girl, Natalie at home.” To the camera, he tells her “Natalie, if you are watching this and I hope you are, just want you to know I’ll be home soon.” She smiles and puts a hand on her heart.

Rating: 1/5

Natalie sees a celebrity carrying a designer handbag in the magazine. She glances over her shoulder and watches her boyfriend smoking while he sits on the couch. She walks over to him and puts out his cigarette. “Seriously?” he asks. She shrugs and smirks as she shows him a picture in the magazine. “Remember her?” He sighs and tilts his head back. She crosses her arms across her chest. “She was a groupie while you were on tour and now look at her.”

He laughs to himself and says under his breath that he should’ve signed the contract. She says they could’ve made it work. He tells her she didn’t want to leave home and that she needs to take some responsibility. She throws the magazine at him and says he could’ve gone at any time. He nods and says she’s right. However, he choose her over his music. He points to the television and says he could be on a talk show right now, promoting his new hit single but she put a stop to it. He adds that the celebrity was a background singer, not a groupie.

Natalie says she’s going shopping and slams the door. She should be shopping in Beverly Hills, California and confirming events with her boyfriend’s assistant. She cringes at the marked down clothes at the outlet. A young man winks at her. She smiles at him. In the bathroom of the store, she makes out with him. As she walks out the store, her heart pumps across her chest.

Director: N/A Year: 2005

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