Video Review: Ricky Martin “Livin’ La Vida Loca”

A car hits a fire hydrant on the sidewalk.

A band plays inside a club. A group of dancers perform a routine as Ricky Martin walks on stage. He glances at the young woman dancing on a platform to the left.

A group of women take off their blouses and dance in the pouring rain.

At night, a second young woman sits next to him while he drives the convertible.

Lying on a beige blanket, he wakes up in a hotel room. The young woman reaches for his hand though the window. He holds her onto her waist and nibbles her ear as they walk on the sidewalk. He kisses her against the wall of building.

Martin turns and the car flips to the side. The car hits the fire hydrant while it slides.  He takes off his jacket and kisses her as they dance in the rain with the group of women.

He continues to dance on stage.

Rating: 2.5/5

Ricky Martin declines a drink from a band member in the dressing room. He munches on some carrots as he reads the set list. A band member lights up a cigarette and Martin motions for him to put it out. A young woman puts her hand on his shoulder and tells him they should get together after the show. He tells her he has to be home right away. She promises him he won’t ever be same again after a night with her. He scoffs and says he has to rehearse.

He puts on his jacket after the show and says goodbye to his bandmates. The young woman links his arm with his and gives him a duffel bag. His eyes dart back and forth. She tells him she prepared an overnight bag for him. She mentions she also included a toothbrush and shampoo. Some band members had landed in the hospital after hanging out with her for a night. He tells her nothing too crazy. She laughs, saying that’s a dare but promises to go easy on him.

In the convertible, she stands up in the seat and tells him to go faster. He presses hard on the pedal and the speedometer moves to 90. She says that’s nothing and puts her foot on the pedal and takes her hand off the wheel as they go 120 miles per hour. A police siren wails and he freaks out. She tells him not to worry. At the curb, she talks with the police officer and he apologizes to her. The police officer tells them to be safe. He tells her he doesn’t want to know.

She takes his hand and dangles keys in front of his face. She says they are going somewhere else. He answers “like in the next county.” She nods, saying “something like that.” While he falls asleep in the car, she opens his lips and shoves some pills down his throat.

In the middle of the afternoon, she tells him he’s missing out on the fun going on in Times Square. She takes him a dive bar and buys him some drinks. He says he can’t. It’ll make him sick. She tells him there’s barely any alchol in it. However, he spends the night vomiting in the motel room. She says he’s had enough and she’s calling for the private jet. He asks how she managed it. She says she never tells and hangs up the phone. She says she’ll help him clean up.

On the flight back home, she says he’s the sweetest person. She tells him he hopes he had a good time. He says he really did and asks if they can hang out again. She tells him “sure!” but says next time, she’s going to challenge him. He turns his head, scratching his neck while he stares at her. She tilts her chin and says he’ll be able to handle it.

Director: Wayne Isham Year: 1999

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